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Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

Ice block keyholder

Postby ks2az » 27 Dec 2020, 15:02

Hey all

I've been kicking around an idea that seems to work for me. My preferred release for self bondage is ice block/key release and was thinking how to adapt it to chastity.

My chastity devise came with 2 "barrel locks" and each lock has 2 keys and they do not work for the other lock. So after locking myself in chastity I put one of the correct keys in a gallon milk jug and put it in the freezer downstairs. The remaining 3 keys I put in small plastic drink bottles, filled them with water and put them in the upstairs freezer overnight. Then I take out one of the three, put it on the counter (or right in front of me) and wait for it to melt to get the key. One in three chance of it working.

For the size of the bottle it takes 5 - 7 hours to melt. The first time I got the correct key right away. Last time it took all three to get the right key.

I am now in the third episode.

Fill the bottle 1/3 of the way, freeze it, put the key in and fill with water and freeze. With the key on the bottom it can slide between the melting ice and the side of the bottle.

I realized that the bottle doesn't need a key in it, so I have one with just water.

I put the bottles into a pillow case to mix them up so it is more random

Before my chances were 1/3 the first time, 1/2 the second and 100% the third. So now after an unsuccessful release, I replace the removed bottle with another, so this time with four bottles I will have a 1/4 chance each time.

Safety: If I need out of chastity for some reason, run hot water on the bottles to melt the ice quickly.
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Re: Ice block keyholder

Postby kinbaku » 27 Dec 2020, 17:50

You can reuse the bottle with the melted ice. So after your first failed attempt (3/4 chance), fill it back up with the same amount of water and let it freeze while the second bottle of ice melts, and so on.

I like your first modification. For my self-bonding I have constantly placed several jars half filled with ice in the freezer. If you feel like it, put the key in it, fill it up completely with water and let it freeze. Thus you end up with a key completely frozen in the middle of the ice.
Make sure that you immediately place the key in the middle of the jar, because the key freezes immediately and cannot be moved.
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