Penis shortening and chastity

Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

Penis shortening and chastity

Postby gimslyp » 21 Nov 2019, 14:48

I've been trying to research this but cannot find a definitive answer... I read that, like muscles, the penis will shrink if it isn't "flexed". This is why men have automatic erections in the morning - it's a way of exercising the penis even if it doesn't get used. The internet seems divided on the issue though of whether or not the penis will shrink if it is unable to ever be erect. I've begun using very small chastity cages now (less than one inch in length) and this prevents me from having any kind of erection. Does that mean that with long-term use, my penis will decrease to less than an inch in length even when erect? And will this be permanent?

Any thoughts, advice would be welcome.
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Re: Penis shortening and chastity

Postby lj » 21 Nov 2019, 15:08

First, from a biological point of view, the "use it or lose it" argument doesn't apply, we have managed to evolve a very flexible system that copes with very many variations.

The penis isn't a muscle, it is a set of cavities that fill or don't fill with blood - an erection is a hydraulic event. The OP's very small cage, or for that matter my JailBird, prevents significant blood flow by applying a very low pressure when the penis tries to fill (under hormonal control changing the blood flow into the cavities) as the cage already contains the flaccid penis closely. This stops an erection in its tracks, unlike a badly fitting device (like the CB series unless you happen to be a perfect fit) which does nothing to restrict blood flow until the erection is well under way, past the point of no return.

There are muscles supporting the penis, but they don't have anything to do with its size.

Why we get "automatic" erections with no stimulation is anyone's guess, but then who knows what your brain is thinking about when you are asleep. Just because you don't remember the dream doesn't mean your unconscious didn't enjoy one!

Your penis is what it is, short or long, "grower" or "shower", bits don't drop off, it doesn't gain size, the number of cells stays much the same once you get the adult variety.

As to the "blue balls" idea, again whilst this might be due to excessive restriction of blood flow, that it is the result of excessive sperm production is rubbish. Sperm and seminal fluid are produced and broken down on a continuous basis, to maintain a healthy concentration allowing successful fertilisation should the opportunity arise (pardon the pun!) Saying it is essential that a man has an orgasm/discharge every month or so is equivalent to saying you should cut a blood vessel and bleed some blood out of the body to prevent a build-up of excessive quantities of blood. The body adjusts to maintain a good balance.

I very much doubt anyone has done serious research on chastity cages and their effect, so everything you read is someone's opinion. What I have written is based on science. Personally I doubt very much if wearing a chastity device will have any long-term effect on size or performance.
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