Online Chastity Femdom

Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

Online Chastity Femdom

Postby trepxe » 04 Oct 2019, 17:02

For years I have been searching for a mistress either online or irl. I have had a few of both but I didnt find myself attracted to my last online femdom. I recently found one on snapchat and she is awesome. She has a few premium accounts but also has some promo slaves too. I love it cause I get access to her chastity page where she will check and make sure that I stay in chastity daily, she is extremely sexy, and she gives me tasks to help promote her page (and i love tasks). A lot of online femdoms demand that you pay them, and I dont make a lot of money.She has never asked me personally for money(im not into findom). If you are interested in any aspect of bdsm including chastity she will chat with you, doesnt ask much of you, has daily content and free teasers, but most of all she is just down to earth and real. If you are looking for a keyholder or an online femdom session or just like watching sexy snapchats I highly recommend you add comeplaywithkat on SC. You wont regret it.
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Re: Online Chastity Femdom

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 07 Oct 2019, 17:20

Would Kat like to come here and play? I am sure we have members talented in the labor she requires. Win, win.
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