Urethral tube

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Urethral tube

Postby Audrey_CD » 13 Mar 2019, 21:03

I've just got a new cage which comes with a urethral tube. I wasn't particularly looking for a cage with this feature, but now I have it, I'm wondering how to use it, how to clean it and risks of using it .
The tube appears to be a clear silicon rubber with a bullet shaped hollow plug at one end and a threaded adapter at the other, which is used to retain it in the cage.


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Re: Urethral tube

Postby kswtf » 14 Mar 2019, 12:23

I also got one of those cages a while ago and have experimented a bit with the tube.

First off: You should be really careful regarding hygiene or things can get really nasty. So get some disinfectant that's made for sensitive areas. Also get some anti-bacterial lube (best is to use one that comes in small single doses).

If you haven't put anything up your urethra before you should probably also get a toy for that that has a smallier diameter than the tube.

I use a small syringe to get the lube up my urethra just to make sure everything goes smooth.

If that preparation isn't too much to kill your mood then it's time to start by just slowly (really slowly) inserting the toy/tube. If there's pain, stop and rest a while. If it doesn't go away, just stop and try another time.

Regarding the tube: There might be some "sharp" edges on the silicone/rubber part on the end where the metal bullet thingy is. You could try to remove those, but I haven't had much luck with that yet (haven't found the right tool for that purpose). They can cause some discomfort/pain when inserting.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Urethral tube

Postby pavtron » 09 Dec 2020, 00:13

I wonder how long a device like that could be in use before causing issues... Assuming you can keep everything clean.
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Re: Urethral tube

Postby Jadit » 15 Jul 2021, 09:27

I recently got my hands on this but seems all sold out now:
Pic in case link some day won't work:

You must use medical lube if you use any sort of devices such as this, but from what i've read that's all there is to it for safe play. Keep things clean. Most toy stores online sell medical quality but you must see that word used in the product itself. Don't trust just the sellers word.

It's very smooth steel and the spikes are completely round, even the ribs on the tube have no edges. The tube is not placed completely stiff but can be turned slightly up or down to balance the pressure sides. So while it's all well and good, it's more intimidating in practise than i thought. I haven't completely worn it to this day and i might try next week earliest due IRL things. Actually even just slipping it in 2 cm is so stimulating that P hardens and starts shaking a bit for couple minutes. If i push it in further 3-4 cm the P tip will pass the spikes and they would start digging in as well. That is almost like a "point of no return" where if you can't get soft again you might not be able to pull it back, or that's what i'm guessing. It was actually quite hard to even try get past the spikes so i didn't want to force it.

From what i know of urethal play is that it should never be forced, the skin inside P is so fragile you really must not push it. People usually just lay on their back in bed and let the stick glide down on its own. So i'm a little confused, is this meant mostly for those who have done much more of the urethal play in the past and are already more used to the feeling and don't get so strong response, maybe even are able to calm and reduce the size. But chastity is usually worn before you get so big that you can't even try to equip it.

So what i also learned is that if there was a modular design where you can put the tube on before the other cage parts then that would solve many problems. But now that i think about it, that could be added to almost any regular chastity cage. It just needs to be short enough and hollow. For many people this might also solve issue that you can slip out of the cage.
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Re: Urethral tube

Postby Jadit » 18 Jul 2021, 16:26

So it's definitely easier to get out of than it is to get in, so "point of no return" was a needless worry, although i didn't push that head ring in cause i had to stop session. After maybe around an hour i managed to put the lock on but there were times where the metal pressed on inside at uncomfortable way. I had to pull it out and bend the tube several times, its place is definitely not in the middle but much more leaning to bottom side of the ring. So because it took so long to get used to i probably broke a bit of skin inside but luckily nothing that would start bleeding. A little dangerous little device and i'd surely recommend looking other types.
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