The Game 46 Slave Girls in Space

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The Game 46 Slave Girls in Space

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The Game 46 Slave Girls in Space

Ian laid the box on the table.
“Here you are, one Weapon of Mass Erection, as requested.”
She opened and carefully drew forth the massive phallus with its attendant pipes and pump.
“Ah, come to me my lovely. I’ve missed you…”
“It’s been thoroughly cleaned and looked after…”
He paused and then added carefully,
“Though perhaps such an item shouldn’t be shared… even among friends…?”
Unusually for Ian, he seemed a bit stuck for the right words.
But she was busy disassembling the monster.
“Oh, I quite agree. But I’ve been working on a new body for him anyway. I just didn’t want to have to recreate the plumbing as well...”
As he watched she rapidly reduced the Thing to its component pieces.
“Oh, don’t worry,” she added seeing his worried expression.
“I’ll return him to you in good working order. Improved even… I’ve had a few ideas…”
She fiddled with the pieces for a few moments, sorting and organizing them.
“Well, I see you have something in mind, and I’m sure it’s going to be inventive, devious and probably embarrassing to someone. Shall I leave you to it?”
“Oh no, stay for a while. I’ll show you what I’ve been up to. I could do with some advice on a few bits. And you can make some tea, you know where everything is.”

“And where is your lovely and long-suffering victim today?”, he asked as he sipped his tea. He was sitting at his ease in the sex chair which was currently in the workshop for a presumed upgrade.
“No, let me guess. Let’s see... He’s dressed as Catherine the Great. No, he’s dressed as Catherine the Great at the bottom of the garden hanging out the clothes…”
“Interesting thought…not quite…”
“No, all right, he’s at the bottom of the garden hanging out the clothes, dressed in nothing at all. I do love the classics.”
“So it must be… He, himself, hanging on the washing line, dressed in nothing at all, final answer.”
“All excellent suggestions, but nothing so exciting today. He had to go to the hardware store for a few things, and we needed some printer ink. Boring ‘real world’ stuff I’m afraid.…”
“So nothing special at all? Are you sure…?”
He raised a quizzical eyebrow.
“Quite sure…?”
“Well… He may be wearing his lacy bra and panties under his clothes…they’re pink I believe…”
“That’s my girl. So what are you building?”
She rummaged around on the workbench and handed him something. It was a slightly flattened irregular hemisphere of what appeared to be bronze with a raised serpentine element running across it.
“Ah, you’re getting into metalwork. No… wait, this is…”
“3d printed. That was just to test the shape’s feasibility and a paint technique. It’s…”
But Ian held up his hand.
“Oh, please. I know exactly what this is.”
He held it up to his chest.
“The infamous slave Leia bikini.” He looked at it again, then switched sides. “Ah, my mistake. North side, not South.”
He looked at it and sighed.
“That takes me back… As soon as the credits rolled I rushed home to make my own. Of course I didn’t have your skills. I had to make do with, well, whatever I could get…an old bra, some gold spray paint, some curtain material I think. I’m afraid it didn’t look much like Leia’s in the end. Or like much of anything really… but it was my first step to the fabulous creature you see before you today. I can’t wait to see you in yours.”
She laughed. “And what makes you think you’re going to?”
“But I must. The next comic book convention draws nigh. And we have already established what an exhibitionistic slut you are…”
She shook her head. “No. Not this time. Absolutely not.”
“Why not? This is a bridge too far? May I remind you that I’ve already seen you naked? Quite a few times actually. Along with a sizeable portion of Abalone’s finest citizenry.”
“Yes, because you are as devious and evil as you always accuse me of being. And while I will always cherish the memory of the Fun Run as one of the peak experiences of my life, we both know how many ways it could, and very nearly did, go very wrong. So I have sworn off taking part in any more Ian directed amateur dramatics.”
“Alas, I am crushed. It has to be you. Your lovely partner just wouldn’t be able to carry it off…”
“Why not? You know I’m not making this for me…”
Though I’m sure you’ll get your turn whispered Conscience.
Hush you
“Oh, of course not, and I repeat he’s a very lucky man. No, he managed to present a very convincing Alice. But he had my brilliant makeup skills and coaching, and he was wearing more clothes than the average modern nun. Well…”, he added remembering the great Hemline Fight, “Some orders anyway… But Leia? I’m sure he’ll look scrumptious, and you’ll both have a lot of fun, but convincing? Close up, bright light convincing? I doubt it…”
He paused, but before she could respond he veered off on another track.
“Have you looked at Jedi lately? Leia’s scenes? It was shocking enough in Jabba’s Palace… More was suggested than shown, and plenty was shown… but on the barge? A naked Leia kills Jabba…”
“Luke takes a naked Leia in his arms…”
“She wasn’t…”
“His naked sister note, and swings to safety? How did they get away with any of that? In a children’s movie? It wasn’t just me that ran home to make fan porn about it. It became an industry. You can still find the stuff on the vile internet and it’s been forty years…”
“She wasn’t naked…!” she managed to finally break in as Ian ran down. “I just rewatched it for my research…”
“Oh, she was naked. Every teen aged boy in the audience knew it. Their embarrassed fathers knew it.” He paused and then added, “There were probably a few girls who were just figuring things out who knew it too…”
“Well, it was a simpler era. Our grandparents knew how to have a good time. And once the images were in the hive consciousness, making porn was the logical next development. Hardly a giant leap for mankind.”
“True, true…” he mused. “A pretty small step in fact…”
He fell silent again and sipped his cooling tea.
After a while his train of thought rejoined the main line.
“Though there is the next artists and models. Up on a stage, not too close up, not too well lit…” He fell silent mulling the possibilities.
“Come on,” she said as she gathered together the pieces from her workbench. “Get your mind off that. I want your advice on my contribution to the porn canon…”
He set his cup down. “Fair enough. I must charge a consultant’s fee though.”
“Well, of course. I was already going to make you your own…”
“Excellent. Where to?”
“Where else? Hallowed ground.”

The playground was darker than usual. It was hung with draperies somewhat as it had been for the Long Kiss, but these were not patterned. Dark greys, blues and greens predominated. There was a large cardboard tube which might be a column, some more bent cardboard suggested, not too convincingly, an archway. Currently it wouldn’t have passed muster in a high school play, but Ian knew that once it was filtered through a camera and tweaked a bit it would be totally convincing. And probably totally unsuited for the high school drama department.
But there was one detail he couldn’t quite figure out. A dais of sorts had been built against one wall. On it had been placed an old sofa, along with some cushions and random bits piled up into nothing much in particular. She placed the Weapon in the middle and stood back to assess the effect. While she did he studied the upgrade. The new body she had made was indeed impressive. Not bigger, or longer. Just… somehow… More.
And also, disturbingly, slightly green…
She glanced over at Ian.
“No idea? Doesn’t spark anything?”
He shook his head.
“Ah well, come over to the monitor. The camera is set for the light levels of the set, and this shows the scene the headset will see, what our lovely princess will see.”
The screen came to life and Ian actually gasped. The scene had been transformed as he had known it would be. The nondescript had indeed been transformed into columns, arches, tenebrous shadows, suggestions of hallways, lurking figures...
And on the dais lounging in all his repellent glory was the great space slug Himself.
Of course the seemingly random placement of the Weapon now made perfect sense…
“I didn’t know that he was that splendidly endowed…” Ian finally managed to say.
“Well, why else would he collect little naked slave girls? Our little lady is going to be well entertained and it will all be most carefully recorded. I have some new editing software which should be able to combine the live action and the headset view into something rather interesting. Now I wanted to ask you about a couple of details…”
“Honey, I’m home!”
“Oh, hey. Get everything you needed? You just missed Ian.”
“Ah, strange men visiting while I was away. Should I be worried?”
“Well, they don’t get much stranger than Ian. But he was just dropping something off, and giving me some technical advice. Come on, it’s a nice day. We can have lunch on the patio.”
“Is there a dress code?” He was officially in Service today, and there usually was.
“Casual dress. You can keep your lingerie on.”
Recognizing a command when he heard it he removed everything else and followed her to the kitchen to help.
“Afterwards,” she said as they carried the things outside, “we will repair to the playroom…”
“Do I keep my lingerie on…?”
“Interestingly, no. Where we’re going, underwear, famously, doesn’t exist…”
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Re: The Game 46 Slave Girls in Space

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OH, way to leave us hanging, (so to speak!)
Can't wait for the next episode!
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