Wife control via WhatsApp

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Wife control via WhatsApp

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My wife and I often WhatsApp message back and forth during the day for any sex plans for the evening or weekend. For example:

Me: Task?
Wife: Handwash my underwear naked with anal beads, balls tied and in black high heels
Me: That is hot!
Wife: You are Welcome. The cleaning must be done in 30 minutes as people are coming
Wife: You will not be allowed to touch yourself
Me: Cruel
Me: What if they turn up early!
Wife: Then they get to do what they want with you

At only 30 minutes, I get less fun than I really want but; it is way better than nothing, I get worried about being caught (which is a huge turn on) and she gets a job done. I counted the number of times we messaged about me doing task in heels with some sort of bondage, punishment, etc. It is 55 since we met

This is a longer story from a few years ago and I found the old WhatsApp messages between myself and my wife:

We were in the process of moving between houses and we were living in my wife’s family holiday house. A cute timber build house on a pretty big plot surrounded by fields and our forest. One road goes past the house and leads to 20+ other small homes. It gets ‘busy’ as people head to and from work but other than that, a vehicle only passes by every 10 minutes or so.

All our stuff was being stored in the large barn at the end of the garden and we had actually started to enjoy living without so many things. We were moving out soon and decided it was another great opportunity to declutter and minimise how much we needed to load onto the box trailer. I suggested to my wife that I could possibly do this on my own if she wanted me to…with a heavy suggestion she could make it a bit harder for me. That weekend her parents needed her help buying some stuff in the local town so I had 1/2 the day before they all came back. This is what happened 15 minute after they drove off:

Wife: Undress, no phone
Wife: Go down to barn, wear black high heels and organise boxes
Me: Yes
Me (About 2hrs later): Done
Wife: Empty TV room and scrub carefully
Me: I will let you know when I am done
Wife: Long anal beads
Me: !
Wife: Halfway in
Me: X
Wife: One extra inserted per 10 minutes
Me: A bit chilly this morning and many cars passing by house (the house has big windows towards the road)
Wife: Pull sofa out and clean behind chest
Me: I am doing the whole room, don’t worry
Me: What happens when I am finished?
Wife: You will have to ask for permission to cum
Me: I have time for more tasks (I always want time to play, which rarely works)
Me: Is it wrong I am watching Netflix at the same time?
Wife: Yes. Turn it off!
Wife: Clean little bedroom
Wife: Pack all our things
Wife: And scrub
Me: Anal beads stay in?
Wife: Change to toy of your choice
Me: They feel quite nice. Keep
Wife: Good
Me: Same heels?
Wife: No. Change to red ones
Me: Tricky. They are very high
Me: Had to answer an e-mail. A bit behind
Wife Not allowed
Wife: Punishment = walk one lap around the house
Me: I may have added the French maids uniform and tied my balls
Me: And it is hard to move quickly in these shoes
Wife: Not my problem
Me: Right around the house?
Wife Right around the house
Me: Nervous, cars, a long way!
Wife: Ha, you’ll have to be quick
Me: Made it, easy
Me: Might touch myself now?
Wife: Outside in forest. Go for a walk
Wife: Handcuffed and gagged
Wife: You are getting too excited. Another walk around house to calm down first
Me: Hahaha. Did the forest loop as instructed and around the house. Done
Wife: Not done. Leg irons headphones and around forest
Me: Not horny anymore
Wife: Tough. Home in 45 minutes.
Me: Back. Much slower and broken heel
Wife: X
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Re: Wife control via WhatsApp

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bandit_1804 wrote: 12 Feb 2024, 15:49 Wife: X
You have a good wife. :mrgreen:
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