epdm rubber sheet for sleepsack/vacuum sack?

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Re: epdm rubber sheet for sleepsack/vacuum sack?

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just got the epdm rubber sheets in the mail and it looks like they should work great for a vacuum sack! just have to make the pattern, cut and then glue them together and get a zipper. im thinking about getting an airtight zipper, and making a neck seal from some .4mm latex i have and glue it to the epdm. then it will be easy to glue together a sack with a hole in one side for my neck that i can fit my head through with some stretchy latex and zip it up with the air tight zipper. its nowhere near as stretchy as normal latex, even my 1mm latex, but it should work perfectly as a vacuum sack. i'll be able to have a bit of room inside to get into a comfortable position, but once the vacuum pump pulls it tight, it should be absolutely inescapable. its going to take some doing to get it to made, but it should be AWESOMELY restrictive once done! in the meantime, i can play with my modified latex vacuum sack. :D
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