NEW UK Law against "Sexual Torture" Pictures .....

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Re: NEW UK Law against "Sexual Torture" Pictures .....

Post by bound_jenny »

Comparing crime statistics against the (recent) appearance of violent video games is irrelevant. The hypocrisy of politicians is relevant, which is my point.

How can banning obscure, largely underground violent rape and snuff porn really be more effective than going after widely distributed violent video games that portray exactly the same criminal acts? Is it because you can buy the crap at Walmart that it's acceptable? It's the same thing, except in the case of the porn, the consumers are just spectators, while in the case of the games, the consumers are not just spectators, they are the actual perpetrators of the criminal acts. Both are entertainment, albeit dubious, and both are just on a screen. But from a behavioral point of view, which is more damaging? In the former, it's the people on the video who suffer the most (assuming they're not consenting). In the latter, it's the consumers of the media that are being damaged, and most importantly, without their knowledge.

Hypocritical politicians will also hide behind an ineffective ratings system placed on the games. "Classified M for Mature" as the ads say. Screw the ratings - the games get into the hands of kids anyway. Not only that, when people purchase these hideous games, they brag about it to their friends, as a mark of prestige, showing them off as they would a shiny new sports car. Then they get the admiration of their friends, an additional reward for their worship of violence. Positive reinforcement from end to end. And that doesn't change behavior? Pavlov would be disappointed - all that doggie drool mopped up for nothing.

If you think statistics don't bear out my concerns, wait a few years when all this trickles down. You don't instantly get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes (how long did it take before it became widely recognized that tobacco smoking causes cancer? Back in the day, even doctors were praising the merits of smoking. Even today, there are still denials about it). It takes years and years before the cows come home to roost. And even then, politicians will deny any connection because they don't want to lose votes by banning those precious little boxes (which by that time have become the vehicles of even more despicable entertainment).

Politicians have no guts, and what's worse, people will always be stupid enough to continue voting for these spineless vermin despite their obvious cowardice in attacking real problems, and their obvious attempts to puff themselves up and look like heroes in enacting sweeping measures to control the uncontrollable.

As I said, I expose myself to a crapload of flak by taking on those precious little boxes. I'm being flogged with statistics - though numbers can't even begin to describe that damage being done by either violent porn or violent video games.

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Re: NEW UK Law against "Sexual Torture" Pictures .....

Post by lj »

I just love the mixed metaphor "the cows come home to roost" :rofl:

but an excellent rant, with which I mostly agree. Now I really must get back to work !
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Re: NEW UK Law against "Sexual Torture" Pictures .....

Post by Tenderfoot88 »

In both comments, there are examples of bad parenting and poorly implemented controls on what should be age-restricted media. No 12 year old should have access to any kind of porn, let alone something intense enough to elicit this kind of media response. And no parent should buy their underaged child an M rated game. (The ESRB ratings are actually being enforced by a lot of distributors, though the ditzes in Washington, Ottawa and elsewhere don't seem to understand the need - buying an M rated game when you appear underage in my local video game store gets an ID request, same as if they were buying liquor or drugs.)

And I'm sorry, but I'll take the hard facts of statistics over the protestations of someone with misapprehensions about the resilience of the human mind. If we see a wave of new crime engulf the continent (75% of respondents to that industry survey I cited earlier play some form of video game), I'll be onside with you. (Or one of the raging, uncontrolled lunatics tearing up the streets, since I do play some games that fall under this dread category.)

Since both of us appear to be firm in our beliefs, however, it's pointless to continue this. And I think we've both started repeating ourselves at least partially. May I suggest we agree to disagree, Jenny, and de-hijack this thread?
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Re: NEW UK Law against "Sexual Torture" Pictures .....

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Just when you thought it was all over.. ... 20040.html
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Re: NEW UK Law against "Sexual Torture" Pictures .....

Post by faieuko »

I don‘t support the stupid law crossdress
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