One-Way Slipknots

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One-Way Slipknots

Postby vm1971 » 30 Jan 2023, 12:18

I was mucking around with my CamJams the other day and I stumbled upon how to use one to make a one-way slipknot. Not one with a lot of friction to prevent loosening but one that couldn't be loosened at all.

The slipknot itself is too small to fit back through the CamJam. Once you pull it tight, the knot will be right up against it and since the CamJam is one-direction, you won't be able to loosen the slipknot.

How I've decided to use this is off an O-Ring attached to my chest harness at the back of my neck. I wear leather elbow cuffs. The CamJam is hooked onto a D-Ring on one of the elbow cuffs. The pullstring on the CamJam is threaded through the O-Ring and down where I can reach with my hands. The slipnoose is threaded through the D-Rings on both elbow cuffs. When I pull, my elbows will be pulled together with no way to pull them apart.

How do I escape this? The only weakness to this is in how the CamJam is designed. If you pull on the pullstring straight, it works as intended but if you pull it off-kilter, it can slide out from the teeth holding it. Because the length of rope between the O-Ring and the CamJam is taut if I'm holding the pullstring, it's pretty easy to find somewhere to snag it.

If I wanted this to be inescapable, even if the pullstring slides out of the CamJam, I replace the O-Ring with a Rope Ratchet.

Of course, other enhancements would include the additional use of CamJams or Rope Ratchets to integrate it with a hogtie so that one pullstring tightens everything.

20230130_033015 copy.jpg

PS. I originally tried placing the CamJam where the O-Ring would be but it made it require much more force to close the slipnoose. As a result, I couldn't get my elbows as close together as with the setup described above.
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Re: One-Way Slipknots

Postby kinbaku » 30 Jan 2023, 18:08

Interesting to experiment with. :drool:
Particularly if you have plenty of backups such as safety scissors to cut the rope.
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