Cerena's December Update

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Cerena's December Update

Post by cerenaselfbound »

Wow, I was looking back at my posts & saw that I joined way back in August 2008. I was quite plump & busty in my early pictures, I'm really quite slender now.
Over the decades I've had Two occasions where I questioned what I was doing & thought it was too weird, & I actually dumped all my equipment. It was only a couple of weeks after I realized I couldn't live without SB & I began re-stocking my inventory.
This was a good thing as I'd been using bits & pieces of rather old & tatty rope & straps that had seen better days.
It took many years of experimentation with trial & error to see how far my safe boundary could be pushed to the max. I've had some very frightening sessions where I over stepped the margin & was really trapped with absolutely no chance of help.
Even at those times of pure terror of realizing I'm tied up & gagged for real, no one can see or hear me & trying to come to terms with this is it, final, I'm going to die of starvation, I came so many times whilst struggling the best I could to get free.
It's strange, even whilst thinking & writing about those errors I can feel the adrenaline surge & my knickers become soaked. It's what some of us self bondage junkies lust for, tying ourselves in a way that only leaves minimal options for escape.

Every so often I think of something new to add & test it out before adding it to my routine. Sometimes it doesn't work out & would be far too risky to add.
Recently since Christmas, I've added a canvass belt that goes under my chin & is attached to the center head board post, & a velcro strap that's fed under a chain running from my neck collar to that same center post. Whilst on my back spread eagle it further restricts my head from turning & totally prevents my from lifting my head. It's a huge turn on as it feeds my fantasy of being open ring gagged & mouth used to catch cum, & I'm forced to swallow.

The latest extra arm restraint involves strapping each above elbow & connection each with an O-ring connected to a heavy duty chain that spans the width, runs under my neck & is locked to the side rails of the bed. My neck collar is attached to this chain. This really restricts arm movement at the elbows & with each wrist tied to the lower headboard rail with loop & cinched rope & a pair of pink elastin knickers, then slipped through pre positioned leather belts connected to each headboard post, I'm held pretty much motionless.
At this time, there isn't anything else I could add as all limbs, body, neck & head are held firm & still. Gags & humiliation panty mask are at capacity, butt, pussy dildos & bud buzzer take care of pleasuring sensitive parts so I'm at my safe limit & have reached the fine balance of safety & security.
I shall be uploading pictures of myself in full spread eagle glory in the new year. I have to buy a new selfie stick to link to my phone to take shots.

So, I wish everyone on here a happy, safe & pleasurable SB new year.
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Re: Cerena's December Update

Post by Kinbaku »

cerenaselfbound wrote:I shall be uploading pictures of myself in full spread eagle glory in the new year.
Thank you for sharing and a good new year 2023 to you too. Your story reminded me of just one cinch too many, which suddenly made a very safe and easy to untie knot an impossible knot. I then struggled millimeter by millimeter for 2.5 hours before I got slack in it again.

I'm already looking forward to your photos. :P :oops: :facepalm:
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