Lovense Gemini nipple clamps

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Lovense Gemini nipple clamps

Post by Kinbaku »

I had some good orgasms with my new Lovense Gemini toy. First only with the Gemini and with the hands - like in the good old days when no electronics were available for that. :wink:
Then a very strong one with the DG-lab and the Gemini.

Today I had used it while giving Gwrolla commands: When I stimulated him I also turned on my Gemini. With the difference that I had put the clamps on my nipples the whole time. The downside was that I had to remove my Gemini 10 minutes after he was on the couch because it get too painful - next time I must open the clamps a little more. :facepalm:

As I put the story with him on BoundAnna, I turned the Gemini back on so I'd be quick enough to type the story. :twisted:
Then I turned on the Music option on lovense app and chose the sort program that I have on my cell phone since I had it for my DG-lab on the recommendation of KinkInSpace. With the Sound option by Lovense you can then choose how strong it must be - move the wave on the bottom of the screen up (100 %) or down (0 %).

The has the option to link the Gemini in the program.
It is therefore possible to connect different toys at the same time. This is possible with both (here I did it with the Gemini and the DG-lab Coyote) and the Lovense app (here I did it with Gwrolla with his Gemini and his Lovense Gush toy).

It has the same 7 standard settings of vibrations as with the Gush or the Max2 that you can use without any extras: just after starting up (pressing the start button for 3 seconds) go through the cyclical menu by pressing the start button briefly each time.
In the programming mode of the program you can create up to 10 self-programmed patterns.

Everything is waterproof according to the standard IPX6 (protected against high pressure water stream from any angle). But best do not use Gemini in the shower or submerge it in water.
It weighs a total of 65.6 g and is fully charged in 65 minutes via the included magnetic USB cable for 120 minutes of use time or 120 hours of standby.

Best to charge at least once every 6 months. Do not use the charger when it is in use. Please make sure you don't attach the charging cable to any metal or stainless steel materials.

The box also contains a cord with a connecting clip to hang around your neck and a black bag if you want to take it with you in your travel case.

It has a transparent plastic bra holder that you can remove. The only drawback I had was that the opening for the charger was a bit too small in this holder so you had to remove the holder to charge the Gemini. But with sanding with 400 grit sandpaper and making the hole a little bigger, this was quickly remedied.
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Re: Lovense Gemini nipple clamps

Post by Shannon SteelSlave »

I bet I know who tested this to see that it works at every spray angle. Surprised they would not specifically deny permission to use under water.
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