PiVault key holder for SB and Chastity

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PiVault key holder for SB and Chastity

Postby mtlsub » 26 Nov 2022, 15:18

I am probably far behind, but in case I am not the last one to know about it I figured I would post it here.

PiShock.com has a small internet enabled box for you keys. There is a whole system timers and keys that can be used in both SB and chastity. I have the Pi Shock but I have not tried the vault, so I can't review it for you.
There is a PiShock discord where the developer is very active.

Have fun and always have a backup release ( worst case the vault is plastic so you could smash it with a hammer) :whip:
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Re: PiVault key holder for SB and Chastity

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 26 Nov 2022, 15:59

Bring 'em here! I got an office waiting for a busy Developer.
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