What made your SB experience significantly better?

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Re: What made your SB experience significantly better?

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 31 Dec 2022, 20:16

My bondage stuff was all DIY originally. After I read "New Belt" by Michel, that is when I started buying gear on eBay to try out a bunch of stuff. Spent hours on the computer, searching for, selecting, and ordering that day. That day was a tornado of kink.
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Re: What made your SB experience significantly better?

Postby jackles » 03 Feb 2023, 06:08

Ice locks. Opened a whole new world of scenarios for me.

Oh, and making money off my selfbondage kink gave me an excuse to massively expand my collection - I can't even keep all my restraints and gags in one place now. :oops:
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Re: What made your SB experience significantly better?

Postby copperfox » 13 Mar 2023, 03:11

Wearing maximum absorbency diapers has made bondage/self-bondage sessions much more fun and comfortable. Diapers aren’t necessarily a fetish of mine, but I generally have to pee (at least a little bit) after an hour or so of being tied up. I also have locking (Segufix-style) diaper shorts as well so the diapers stay completely in place, even during pretty intense struggle. It’s nice being able to just relax for a couple hours and not have to end the session early just because nature calls.
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