Cerena's Other SB Positions.

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Cerena's Other SB Positions.

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I have Three favorite positions I use & alternate between.
The first is spread eagled on my back, & as I have already posted the description of this I won't detail it here.
Second is my froggy style.
Laying on my back, each ankle is tied to each thigh & either chains or heavy duty exercise bands are connected to each ankle which run & are connected to the base of the double bed.
Above my knees are tied to cam buckle straps connected to the side rails of the bed, & the headboard.
This prevents me from closing & severely restriction any movement of my legs, & the cam buckles allow for varying degrees of restriction.

My waist is strapped with a weight lifting belt with cam buckle straps connected to the side rails.
My neck is dog collared, connected to a chain attached to the center headboard post & the new addition top chain under my neck running across the width of the bed.
This prevents me from trying to sit up.
The front of the neck chain is connected to the waist belt to prevent any tightening around my neck.

A rope is tied in between each knee to further restrict movement.
Each knee is chained to the top of the center headboard post preventing any up/down movement.

Each wrist is tied with rope to the lower headboard rail. A pair of stretchy knickers are looped around each wrist & rail to tighten them, & wrists are slid along to the side posts & slipped into pre wrapped canvass straps wrapped around the top, lower & side posts.
The canvass strap are locked with U-bolts with screw pins.

I'm gagged & masked in my usual way, & butt plugged, dildo'd & clit buzzed.

Third is face down.
Laying face down, each ankle is tied to each thigh, & above the knees are tied to cam buckle straps connected to the side rails. Waist & neck are strapped & my arms above the elbows are slipped into a pre made rope harness of loops with a center rope column connected to the rear of the neck collar D-ring. Front of the collar is connected to the waist belt.
The elbow loops are as close as I can get into & out of in the face down position, not quite touching.
I re-position the head mirror so I can view myself in the main mirror at the base of the bed.
It's a huge turn on to see myself face down with arms tied & up in between my open legs & my knickers covering the base of the butt plug & dildo.

I'm gagged & masked in my usual way, butt plugged, dildo'd & clit buzzed.
One alternative I tried a while back was tying each wrist with continual rope loops to canvass straps locked around the tops of my thighs. Very easy to get into but extremely difficult to get out of.
It was one of those times when it took hours & nearly panic conditions to eventually get free.
Depending on how many loops are on each wrist, it's only the first Two that can cause the initial scare, as without removing those you don't have any movement whatsoever.
It's a highly sensitive position as the straps around my thighs are connected to the rope body harness which is connected to the butt plug & tight in between my pussy groove pressing the dildo & clit buzzer tight. So all movement of wrists pull on the pussy rope & increase the pressure on the Three tools. Of course, being face down supplies the extra pressure of the clit buzzer so all wriggling & rocking causes a huge sensation guaranteed to bring on a soaking wet cum.
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