Cerena's Best & Longest Cum Ever

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Cerena's Best & Longest Cum Ever

Postby cerenaselfbound » 21 Oct 2022, 10:52

Yesterday something happened whilst I was tying my ankles to each bed led on my double.
Now, my SB sessions always have me in a tight 6mm White cotton rope body & pussy harness, which runs either side of my butt plug, over the dildo & clit buzzer. The rope keeps everything place so nothing moves or can come out, even whilst jogging.
Anyhow, whilst tying each ankle to the bed legs I had a txt from a friend & I sat upright whilst reading it & replying.
While sitting & with my body weight on the butt plug I could feel it being pushed deeper inside me which felt wonderful. The plug is an 8” chrome ball tree kind, so I guess that 6” is usually inside me & the remaining 2 inches are outside.
So after the texting I resumed tying myself in the stretched out spread eagle position as usual.
During my frantic struggling I could feel the rope pussy harness had slipped into my pussy groove & was pushing the plug & dildo further in than usual.
With the extra 2 inches or so inside me, God, I've never felt such a huge sensitive orgasm that was so intense it made me light headed.
The tingling I felt deep inside me & my stomach lasted a lot longer than my usual cums, so I'll definitely be certain to position the rope over the plugs & not either side.[attachment=0]plug.jpg[/attachment]
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