Cerena's Updated Mask/Gag.

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Cerena's Updated Mask/Gag.

Postby cerenaselfbound » 07 Oct 2022, 10:38

For many years I used a faux leather full head harness, but as with everything nothing lasts indefinitely & with one final excess struggle the straps just couldn't take any more stress.
I was going to purchase another but had been utilizing the rubber inner tubes I had in my collection.

My gag system consists of:
1 x humiliation dirty knicker gag inside my mouth.
1 x humiliation dirty knicker mask (gusset over my nose for fragrance).
1 x Black/Flesh/Fishnet/patterned 15 denier stocking hood.
2 x 7'x2½” rubber OTM wrap gag.
1 x 7'x1½” rubber under chin/over head wrap (prevents mouth opening)
1 x 32”x2¾” rubber wrap with nose cut out (keeps dirty gusset in place for fragrance)
2 x humiliation dirty knicker OTM gags (purely for show & fragrance)

Occasionally depending on how horny I'm feeling I'll wrap a tight 2”wide clear tape OTM gag underneath the rubber to completely seal my mouth.
This system even without the tape totally restricts any attempt at speech, without the tape it allows breathing through mouth but with the internal rolled up knickers wad that press down on my tongue, there's no way to talk or be understood.
I've been using my dirty knickers as internal gags for many years, not only for humiliation but also for taste, comfort & absorption to prevent drooling.
My fantasy dictates that my captors insist on keeping their prisoner silent at all times.

The benefit of using rubber is that it's water proof, flexible, comfortable, doesn't move or have any odor like adhesive tape does, it's reusable & can be used as ties for limbs & it's free because I got them from a cycle shop that throw them away when they puncture.
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Re: Cerena's Updated Mask/Gag.

Postby Lotharjulz » 07 Oct 2022, 12:37

Very nice setup! I never thought about using rubber sheets like this before and certainly does inspire me for this and other uses.

Sadly my owner doesn't gag me a whole lot because I am still always able to make noise no matter the restriction and at times still can be understood. I'm just conditioned now to not talk by an easily accessible remote controlled dog shock collar locked to my ankle.
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