Unlockable hangman's knot

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Unlockable hangman's knot

Postby Vyllenor » 12 Aug 2022, 11:06

I love ropes, but i hate cutting them. Finally came up with a solution.
The ring device is essential, otherwise the lock will pull on the loop with its weight and fall off, turning it into a normal hangman's knot.
Once the lock is open and removed, pull on the end sticking out of the ring device and it'll undo the knot, setting you free
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Re: Unlockable hangman's knot

Postby kinbaku » 13 Aug 2022, 02:29

Welcome to BoundAnna, Vyllenor. And thank you for the beautiful pictures of your system with the hangman knot.
Also use a knot in the sliding section like I did at viewtopic.php?f=12&t=13548#p101579. This prevents the sliding knot from being pulled tighter than necessary to avoid pinching the blood flow.

Make sure that the ends in drawing 4 are perpendicular to the rings of the rope otherwise the end may get pinched and you will not be able to pull the loop free once the padlock is removed (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7585#p94155 - step E). In particular, as in your drawing 4 the wrong padlock loop is at the top. by the force of pulling on the right side of the loop in drawing 1, you pull the free end in drawing4 all the way down, causing it to become blocked and unable to release as long as you cannot wring the top right loop from drawing 1.
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Re: Unlockable hangman's knot

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 13 Aug 2022, 02:58

Welcome to Bound Anna, Vyllenor.
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Re: Unlockable hangman's knot

Postby Jadit » 14 Aug 2022, 20:14

Just a thought, if that rope setup is suspended with some force it could be difficult to remove the lock even if it is open. Many (not all) locks have sharp corners at the tip that goes inside the lock, and if that rope loop is also pulled very tightly with your own weight then it can get stuck to it.
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