Unusual playing cards

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Unusual playing cards

Post by TicleMeEndless »

Hi again, my dear friends! After big break i finally returns. It was not easy period of my life what catched all of my strength - physical and mental, so completely, what i couldn't even to think about my loved little games. So, now i returns with new strength and new ideas, despite the fact that I still have little time for games.

Today i came across a very talented artist on deviantart - meet KucingKecil-Cabin!
https://www.deviantart.com/kucingkecil- ... allery/all
Very inspirating paintings in japonese style, lot of they maked in one interesting format. They gave me the idea to make playing cards out of them. One cardback for all and this paintings on another sides witn a scenerio or element of scenerios - short descriptions. Important moment: each description must somehow intersect with the plot or elements of the picture. As example: a tree can means to play in the forest, smoking pipe prescribes to use a dildo, etc. Maybe actor in picture sets an desired image of player, or generaly background sets desired mood... Anyway, i have one problem. There's a lot of pictures and little time to figure it all out. Maybe you will have some ideas about pictures: what to write on it? Short entries, one or two sentences. I'll post a some pictures as example here, but in autor's collection it so lot, and i want all of them. So, there's paintings:

Image Image Image Image Image Image

P.S. Horizontal paintings can be used too - i guess, i can to lead it to right format.
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Re: Unusual playing cards

Post by bound_jenny »

Very nice and quite tasteful. 8)

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Re: Unusual playing cards

Post by Kinbaku »

Drawing 1: in a hammock
Drawing 2: in the seat
Drawing 3: hands tied to a tree
Drawing 4: with water (or ice) => 4th kanji letter is symbol of water
Drawing 5: with hood
Drawing 6: mumifying
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