What is your current/was your last: selfbondage experience?

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Re: What is your current/was your last: selfbondage experien

Postby SBadiction » 23 Nov 2020, 12:46

Good idea, I'll try that for a short period first to check it's feasibility.
Happily married (but always ready to flirt), wife not into anything kinky so it's self-bondage when I can.
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Re: What is your current/was your last: selfbondage experien

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 23 Nov 2020, 13:00

You're probably going to ride high at first, then float just above the wire, hitting it occasionally. Kind of a strain versus pain scenario. Enjoy.
Bondage is like a foreign film without subtitles. Only through sharing and practice can we hope to understand.
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Re: What is your current/was your last: selfbondage experien

Postby Jadit » 05 Dec 2020, 03:11

I did some rope bondage with wrists earlier today, but as far as excitement goes that still pales with chastity cage i put on. I fit Bon4 longer cage and pulled ring tight enough that it won't drop off, moreover it has tendency to keep the penis big inside. So to this play i added 2 elastic rubber cockrings not for the intended purpose... 1 i put inside the cage so it moves around and excites more, and the second comes half way outside from a coin safe. 1 padlock is attached to the ring inside the safe and then i locked the safe key with a combination lock to the ring on outside. It's a backup release but they are good rings, i don't want to cut them. The rings have 5 about 0.5 cm diameter balls along it for stimulus, and one inside the cage has those 5 press against the flesh while lubed.

So with 3 number combination lock (which also might be solveable after some time) i set ChastiKey app with the mean Zoe as keyholder, with max 2 days... even set to "trust Zoe". I read that the 2 days is not fixed max, it can get longer. It involves some card games up release attempts. So yeah, this should be good :P
Oh i read ChastiKey might end its operation mid 2021 - he hopes someone else takes over with new service as he has distributed all sources.
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Re: What is your current/was your last: selfbondage experien

Postby Jadit » 08 Dec 2020, 02:38

So not everything went as planned... Bruteforced 3-combination lock open, the initial time is still ongoing for 72h+ (still running, looking forward to see how long it would've been). I configured the app wrong for this lock, it used the hidden timer with no interaction, i wanted cardgame. Anyway i saw in the events that the devious bot had at least once hit reset button for the lock timer, that will start it from 0 again.

So i quickly after added my 4 directional lock as well and setting it with cardgame. That is with combination of 9 directions that i couldn't possibly guess... 262144 permutations. It went well until cardgame finished and it showed me the right combinations (i also set backup of the combination on one PC app that will show it after 3 hours of request). Then, the lock didn't open, not even with backup combination (which was indeed the same sequence)! I tried like a hundred different variations of it. So i had to force the key out... it had 3 keyrings that the combination locks were put through, so i had to squeeze the key through them all, and then freedom, for all but the rubber ring :lol: The bizarre thing is that i had of course tried opening the lock before actually putting it on the key and it worked before. I don't know why it went wrong.

Afterwards i tried to bruteforce the directional combination lock open when screwdriver but it's in vain, it has a security screw that can only be rotated in 1 direction. Only today i thought to fiddle random directions with it while doing other things, just because why not... and after about 15 minutes it actually snapped open. I will definitely be more careful with not making a single mistake with that lock again... as for the app, i'm thinking of making a new app for PC instead because my phone battery doesn't last too long and the phone app is laggy and less configurable than i would like (and also ending its service in half a year).
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