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Re: fully automated scenario

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 30 Sep 2020, 12:13

The scariest thing is that now there is no key for my locks.
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Re: fully automated scenario

Postby Rocketman » 12 Jan 2021, 22:52

john wrote:So my it is my dream to build a system that allows a fully automated selfbondage session. I imagine it kinda like this: A PC script where you can input information about your session (for example release method and time, toys, etc...) and a hardware box that controls your toys and release. Heres a short list of things i would like to implement into the system:

- Release system
- magic wand or venus on the penis
- E-Stim and Shock on ass and penis
- spanking machine
- fuck machine
- nipple clamps with adjustable tension (maybe e-stim)
- Something to pull my balls
(if you have other ideas let me know)

While i was thinking about this a fun scenario came to mind: You set the release timer to a random time (obviously you can choose a timeframe) get add the toys, get tied and start the session. The script starts teasing you in random patterns, stimulating your cock, fucking your ass etc. In your hand you have a button. Every time you press it, the system will randomly activate a punishement. Maybe a hard spanking, maybe a nasty electro shock or maybe pulling your balls or nipples. You dont know what is going to happen. The game is as follows: The release will only free you if two conditions are met. The timer needs to go off and you have to press the button a certain amount of times. The catch is that you dont know either of these contidions. You will be stuck trying to figure out if you have pressed it enough times or not. Do you dare get another punishement? How many more will you have to endure? You wont know until you tried. Maybe you have already pressed the button enough times, but how can you be sure?

I think this would be a very interesting dilemma. Obviously the release would trigger after a certain time anyways, as a safety precausion. But if you set this safety realeasy to a very long time you will regret waiting for so long.

What do you guys and girls think about that idea? Has anyone done similar things before?

greetings John

I really love the idea.

Did you try to prototype it ?

It would be awesome if it won't remain just an idea...
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