Evening / night in (sissy) bondage scenario addition needed

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Evening / night in (sissy) bondage scenario addition needed

Postby Sub_Rick » 15 Oct 2020, 07:28

Hello all,

I am a 27 years old male from the Netherlands, into self bondage and sissification.

As in 1.5 week I am moving into my new house, I have purchased some (new) goods and am thinking of a first scenario in the new house.

Equipment I have:
2 sets of metal handcuffs
1 set of ankle cuffs
1 set of silicon breasts
1 metal chastity cafe incl. Urethal plug
2 different types of ball gags (gag harness and regular ball gag)
1 lockable blindfold
1 inflatable (large) buttplug
1 buttplug set from small to large
1 XL goose buttplug
1 large open tunnel buttplug
1 19.5cm dildo
1 bullet vibrator with two “eggs”
5 diapers

As I got rid of my previous stuff while it was worn, I need to get some new stuff as well.

The scenario I am thinking of now, and where I would like to get your additions:

Starting in the morning, putting on my chastity cage (without urethal tube yet), shave my body hair, put on a medium butt plug under my normal clothing.

I then will have my morning coffee, breakfast and head to a shopping center to purchase the following:
- 2x Panties + matching bra at a female clothes store (1x plain set and 1x sexy set)
- Stockings
- Skirt
- Female top

Then, I will go to a public restroom and change my underwear to the freshly bought “simple” bra and panties.
(Should I be bringing or already wearing my breast forms during shopping or put while changing?)

Next up: I will go to a hardware store to buy several padlocks, ropes and chains as I got rid of those as well.

Back to home, I will set up the scenario in the bedroom for the night, (preparing ropes / chains on the bed legs)
I want to bind myself spread eagle on my bed, using a frozen bottle release.
(Bind two frozen bottles to the bed posts at the head side, with a rope/ chain inside. To those, I will attach the two sets of handcuffs, so that I can easily tie both my wrists.
My legs I will tie with the ankle cuffs to a chain at each side of the bottom bed posts.

I want to have a diaper on, first my vibrating bullets, then covered by a plug (which one?), my cage with urethal tube, the sexy lingerie, the skirt and the top. All will be prepared and laying on the bed, waiting for me to use.

I then will be at home for the rest of the day and after dinner will go to the shower and install the urethal tube in the cage
I will keep on my bra and breasts (or put them on now depending on your advises above), take a good shower and give myself a proper enema (using my inflatable buttplug, tunnel plug), also, practice my deep throating using my dildo as a good sissy must be able to deepthroat a cock.

Coming out of the shower, I will be naked, not having anything on/in beside my chastity cage.
I will install the frozen bottles to the bed, make sure to get 2-3 glasses of water? And go to the bedroom.

I will put on my “nice” lingerie, install a buttplug of your choice, put on my diaper, tie my ankles to the bed and then put/ lock on my blindfold, with the key on the floor of the bathroom, and tie my wrists in the handcuffs.

Now, i am tied, waiting for the ice to melt and my wrists to come free.
When I am free, I, still being blindfolded, must untie my ankles, must find my way to the bathroom to find the key to the blindfold so I can untie myself and get rid of my (wetted) diaper and plug.

I am thinking of freezing water for +- 4 hours in bed.

Any additional ideas / twists are welcome!

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Re: Evening / night in (sissy) bondage scenario addition nee

Postby kinbaku » 16 Oct 2020, 09:57

Welcome Sub_Rick.
Have you tested how much ice you should use for those 4 hours? It is best to test in the same room with the same temperature.
Put your breast on while changing, your entire assignment is tough enough. :hi:
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Re: Evening / night in (sissy) bondage scenario addition nee

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 16 Oct 2020, 11:21

Welcome to Bound Anna, Rick
Bondage is like a foreign film without subtitles. Only through sharing and practice can we hope to understand.
A Jedi uses bondage for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
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