Sharing out my recent scenario

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Sharing out my recent scenario

Postby FDan » 23 Jun 2020, 05:27

So I had an idea to use my existing equipment to recreate a rigid box tie from metal bondage ( ... tie-device) and thought I would share it out.

I’m writing it out exactly as I did it - but you can swap things out as you wish.

Equipment used:
Leg irons
Buttplug or similar stim
Chastity belt (I’m in long term chastity, so I’m always using this in sessions, but it serves as a restraint in this scenario too)
Padlocks x5
Chain or leash
Rigid spreader bar (it needs to have the hands together in the middle, similar to ... r-bar.html)
Sensory deprivation hood (could also use a standard hood and add a collar)

Heels (recommended for added difficulty)

How to set it up

Insert your buttplug.

Put on your clothing and heels

Put on the leg irons and padlock the middle of the chain to your chastity belt padlock. This will stop you standing up fully and movement will create tension on your chastity belt.

Wrap the chain/leash around your lower waist like a belt, it should be tight enough that it won’t slide up or down. Lock it using the clip that comes with a leash or a padlock.

Next grab the spreader bar. Put it to the smallest setting so the wrists are right next to each other.

Lay down on your side. Align it vertical with your back and use a padlock to secure the d ring on the ankle cuff of the spreader bar to your waist chain.

Put on your ballgag

Prepare your release mechanism - I recommend just throwing the keys in the room and searching for them, note that searching the ground in this locked position is slow and difficult and even when you have the keys, unlocking won’t be easy.

Put on your deprivation hood OR normal hood and collar.

Attach the other ankle cuff of the spreader bar via padlock to the back of your hood/collar.

At this point the spreader bar should be rigid against your back, going from neck to waist.

Now sit up right, on your knees.

Turn on any stim you have. This will be the last opportunity to use your hands.

Place your wrists into the spreader wrist cuffs behind your back, like on the first link. Lock the padlocks.

And let the fun begin!

You are now very strictly and rigidly bound and the first thing you’ll realize is that movement is hard and slow. If you attempt to stand, the heels will make it difficult and the chain yanking on your chastity cage will be very uncomfortable. Similarly, attempting to crawl is slow, and while the heels won’t hinder you, the act of crawling will yank on your cage again.

Not just that, you’ll have to try and lay down and somewhat roll onto your back to be able to search the part of the ground your in.

Hope you like it!
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Re: Sharing out my recent scenario

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 29 Jun 2020, 17:11

Sounds mean enough. I can't wait until I have the time to play again. It's just all about work at this point. Can't find a good balance of being able to work and not be distracted.
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Re: Sharing out my recent scenario

Postby JackWong25 » 01 Jul 2020, 21:44

That sounds like an amazing session. Just add some ballet boots and it’s perfect. How long were you in that session for. It seems as long as you don’t move the discomfort level should be manageable.
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