I need scenarios

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I need scenarios

Postby boundsissyqueen » 12 May 2022, 17:18

Hello :gag:
I'm in selfbondage and feminization since 7 years, I have some kinky stuff and I need inspiration for testing new selfbondage scenarios.
I have :
- lockable ballgag
- wrists cuffs
- ankles cuffs
- leather handcuffs
- one 2 meters rope
- one 10 meters rope
- nipples clamps
- anal beads
- 15cm dildo
- magic wand
- collar and leash
- a leather chest harness
For my feminization I have panties, bra, stockings, fishnets, high heels, latex pants, bunny girl suit :oops:
I'm open to all suggestions !
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Re: I need scenarios

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 13 May 2022, 00:17

Welcome to Bound Anna, Queen
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A Jedi uses bondage for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
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Re: I need scenarios

Postby kinbaku » 13 May 2022, 02:05

Welcome to BoundAnna, queen boundsissyqueen.

Make small fixed loops (not a sliding loops) in the ends of the 2 meter rope and insert the 10 meter rope into both loops. Then connect the 10 meter rope to 2 opposite points at a height of about 2 meters, for example the top of 2 opposite closed doors. The 2 meter rope thus forms a loop like a children's swing where the ends can slide along the 10 meter rope.
At the middle of the 2 meter rope, attach the end of your collar leash. Test if the collar can reach the floor with the length of your leash, so that you can lie on the floor if necessary.
(If it is too short, you only have to put the ten meter rope through 1 loop of the two meter rope. Tie the other end of the 2 meter rope to itself at a height so that the knots of that rope and the collar leash are not accessible when your hands are tied behind the back.)

Insert your anal beads after moistening them well with lubricant. Put on your bra and fill it up with stockings and panties. Then your bunny girl suit and high heels.

The key to your leather handcuffs is in ice in a plastic jar on one of the doors.

Put on your ankle cuffs, your lockable ball-gag and the collar.
Then tie your hands behind your back with the leather handcuffs.

Your royal realm is now limited to the space between the two doors. You can walk, sit or lie here in your sissy clothes until the ice has melted and you can free yourself from your plight.
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