Need a scenario

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Need a scenario

Postby abcd12 » 25 Nov 2021, 17:13

I (29m)have limited and want to get back into sb big got rid of my stuff and now ran out of ideas
I have:
12ft of thick rope
20ft of thinner rope
2 shoelaces
3 belts
clothed pegs
a dildo
and assorted household items
I am down for anything so don't go easy
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Re: Need a scenario

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 25 Nov 2021, 22:05

Welcome to Bound Anna, ABCD.
Sorry that the urge to purge did not go well.
Someone will probably be along to help you here.
Bondage is like a foreign film without subtitles. Only through sharing and practice can we hope to understand.
A Jedi uses bondage for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
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Re: Need a scenario

Postby gwrolla » 26 Nov 2021, 10:20

if you have kik messenger, then oik me at: gwscion

if not, here is a kind of simple self bondage dare:

if you have a blindfold/make one first, put it on at start.
next: since you cant see, tie up your legs and feet, and end the knot at your toes.
then, put in your dildo if you can, with lube, this time.
also, put on at least 1 clothespeg, on each nipple.
lastly, tie up one or both hands (i prefer, if you had to pee badly).

goodluck, not wetting yourself.
and report here please, with how it went.
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Re: Need a scenario

Postby ChaoticGoodRogue » 26 Nov 2021, 18:36

If you need another:
Get into a crawling/on all 4's position with a strait back.
Put on your clamps / dildo etc.
Tie your self as complicatedly as you can
Place a container of ice water on your back (you may need it (the container) to be on a bed or pile of books/boxes or other surface next to you so you can drag it over with one hand.
Put on blindfold
Now we need to make sure you don;t cheat with your one remaining hand. One way to do this is for it to be your off hand. If you can push away /knock over the short surface and lube up your left hand you create a situation where you are only likely to not drop the icewater on yourself if you free your right. If you can "self-dom" challenge yourself to not let yourself remove the bucket until you have untied yourself.

Make sure water is really really cold and filled to brim so slight movements will cause little spills. Will you be able to stop a full capsize? :twisted:
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Re: Need a scenario

Postby kinbaku » 27 Nov 2021, 01:49

Welcome abcd12. I think you are already busy with previous 2 scenarios. :mrgreen:
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