Need ideas for upcoming SB session

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Need ideas for upcoming SB session

Postby FrostyDentist » 13 Oct 2021, 15:30

Hi all! This is my first post on the forum, been a lurker here for awhile but never made any posts as I'm rather shy and I don't really have much experience with posting on forums like this so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes.

I'm male and looking for help with ideas and suggestions for a upcoming self bondage session that I am planning on doing soon probably later this week or maybe next week. I already made a similar post on reddit but I got few replies, one user did suggest using nipple clamps (and clothing pegs) in such a way that I'd have to pull them off without the use of my hands in order to get free which ngl sounds like a pretty fun predicament if setup right and I've already started planning that part of the session out, but I don't know what else to do other than that. I'm looking to do a session that's a few hours long at most because most of my other sessions are often cut short due to boredom or lack of ideas but this time I'd like to have a full-length session planned out in advanced, so if anybody has any ideas for what I should do please let me know.

Below is my limits and below that most of the gear and equipment that I have available. I don't have any anchor points so I can't do complex setups involving them and the session itself will take place in the bedroom and last for no more than say 6 hours (I don't live alone). There is a radiator on the opposite side of my bed that can be used as a attachment point for restraints.

My limits:

    Breathplay and any form of choking (gags and tape over mouth is fine but I'm not willing to put on a deprivation hood or gas mask if I can't reach it while I'm bound).

    No sounding stuff, I don't want a UTI.

    No online humiliation tasks or anything similar.

    No software that requires the use of a webcam.

Here's what gear I have:

Restraints / Gags

    10x rope ratchets (2.4m / 8ft).

    13.5 meters of chain (5x 2.5m | 1x 1m).

    4x 10m (32ft) 8mm cotton rope, two are black and the other two are pink - I only know basic ties but I am aware of the risks with rope bondage and what not to do, I also have EMT Scissors.

    Different types of tape from gaffer tape to medical tape like fixomull, I also have vet wrap and pallet wrap.

    About 60ish (300mm) Cable ties and literally about 500 smaller 100mm ones that I got on sale.

    Numerous wrist and ankle cuffs some of which are lockable, I also have thigh cuffs.

    4x Suspension straps.

    30cm metal spreader bar with a middle attachment point.

    A single pair of double-locking metal handcuffs. - (I am however hesitant to use these as I'm concerned that these could jam when in use, not sure if that's actually likely or or not but it's that "what if" you know?).

    A number of gags from basic silicone ball gags to bone/bit gags, ring gags, dildo gags, and even a butterfly gag. (Some of these are lockable).

Clothing / hoods:

    PVC/wet look Leotard.

    Chest harness (neoprene material, no O-rings or anything).

    Body stocking.

    Wet look bodysuit w/sleeves.

    I have a number of hoods including a deprivation hood, a double hood (it's a full-face mask with eye openings but has a outer hood that can be zipped up all the way to cover it), a normal full-face mask with an in-built blindfold, a full-face hood with padded eye and mouth openings, and a soviet GP5 gas mask (the real thing, I also have a hose for it) and yes I know not to use the filter because it may contain asbestos)

    And one lockable Bolero Straitjacket.


    Metal locking collar with 2x D-rings (one infront, one on the back).

    Leather locking collar with 3x D-rings (one infront, two on the sides).

    Leather locking posture collar, single D-ring and comes with a leash.

    Non-locking collar with small bell, no rings.

    Locking metal collar with 4 fixed attachment points.

    (I have more collars than this but these are the most versatile and useful for bondage, except the collar with the bell but I'm sure it can be used for some sort of predicament session.)

Dildos / Anal Toys:

    Got two 7 inch suction cup dildos from LoveHoney (one is colour-changing and turns blue with heat, it's awesome) alongside two additional suction cup dildos.

    Couple silicone tail plugs, numerous normal anal plugs of varying sizes (one is hollow and has metal balls inside that bounce about and vibrates), and three Aneros Prostate Massagers.

    And one anal hook

Miscellaneous items:

    Ice lock with two O-rings.

    Medical eye gauze pads.

    A few basic blindfolds and a pair of swimming goggles that I MacGyvered and turned into a blindfold using duct tape.

    About 20 wooden clothing pegs.

    Pair of Japanese clover clamps, I fucking love/hate these things..

    30ish meter spool of twine/jute string.

    Foam ear plugs.

    I've got a entire zip bag of padlocks including two combination locks, all the rest are key padlocks. (most are small cheap padlocks).

    About 1000ml of black liquid latex.

    5 silicone cock/ball rings of various sizes.

    Two pairs of nipple suckers, one pair is silicone and the other pair is plastic.

    10+ carabiners.

    Numerous chastity cages, some made out of metal and others made out of resin or ABS.

    Couple ball stretchers, one has spikes inside of it.

    Tenga flesh light.

    And a couple vibrators.
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Re: Need ideas for upcoming SB session

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 14 Oct 2021, 03:37

Welcome to Bound Anna, Frosty Dentist.
Bondage is like a foreign film without subtitles. Only through sharing and practice can we hope to understand.
A Jedi uses bondage for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
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Re: Need ideas for upcoming SB session

Postby kinbaku » 14 Oct 2021, 07:19

Welcome FrostyDentist.

I copied this at so it comes as a new post that can be discussed. :wink:

For the clothing pegs scenario you can use the Milovana I just described at

For your session with your specific materials. (Although customizable for the members who own other materials :rofl: ):

Use your metal c ... 664hastity cage for three days. Only remove them for toilet and hygiene. So no stimulation for these 3 days. It is the preparation for making you horny. :mrgreen:
Every day you should wear the following for at least an hour:
1st day: PVC/wet look Leotard with soviet GP5 gas mask
2nd day: Body stocking with full-face mask with an in-built blindfold (blindfold on)
3th day: Wet look bodysuit with sleeves and your deprivation hood.

The fourth day you get complete naked, put on your ankle and handcuffs and close them with padlocks
Put on your thigh cuffs just above the knee
Remove the chastity, but put on the ball stretcher instead – the one without spikes
Place a silicone cockring in a size that doesn't block the entire blood flow, but still makes the penis stiffer
Put on your silicone nipple suckers and your aneros prostate massager
Put on your foam ear pluggs, so you don't hear if anyone comes in during your preparation and session. This to excite you even more. :twisted:

Then it is time to prepare your bed matrass:
Put a chain firmly around your mattress 3 times and tighten them so that all slack is gone and block them at the bottom with padlocks:
one at the foot end,
one at the head end and
one at a distance from the foot end chain as the distance between the floor and the top of your knee + 20 cm. So that it comes in place just in front of your buttocks (see figure).
20211014FrostyDentist.jpg (32.93 KiB) Viewed 188 times

With your carabiners connect the 5 ratchets to the chains, the 4 bottom ones B1-4 as far as possible to the side, the top ratchet B6 in the middle of the chain. Also provide a carabinier in the middle of the top chain to which the ice lock will be attached.

The last ratchet B5 is attached to the middle of the spreader bar F and on both ends from the spreader bar are carabiners for your ankle cuffs D5-6.

Lay this spreader bar ready on the bed, together with the EMT Scissors and 30ish meter spool of twine/jute string, 2 padlocks C1-2 through which the ice lock can pass freely, your leather locking posture collar, a couple vibrators and tape for connecting them to your penis, a ring gag and the pair of swimming goggles that you MacGyvered and turned into a blindfold using duct tape (so not possible to peek downside your noose like with a normal blindfold)

Now go take the ice lock out of the freezer and temporarily put it in a thermos so it stays cold.

Fix the vibrators in the correct position
With a string connect your EMT Scissors to your handcuff - this is your backup :!:
Connect your spreader bar E to your carabiners with your ankle cuffs D5+D6
Connect everything without tightening:
- the ratchet B5 with the ball stretcher E
- tie the ratchets at the foot ends B1 + B2 to the ankle cuff D5 + D6 on the other side of the spreader bar. Stick five times between the ankle and the cuff and then tie it
- the middle ratchets B3+B4 on the thighs D3+D4

Put on your ring gag
Put on your leather locking posture collar. Don't connect it to anything, it's just to harass you and keep your ring gag good. :mrgreen:

Remove the ice lock A from the thermos connect it to the chain G1 - if only the pin of the ice lock can pass through the padlocks C1+C2, check that the ice lock is connected in the correct direction :!: :!:

Connect the ratchet B6 to the ice lock with a square knot, which in case you make a mistake with the wrong direction of the ice lock you can undo it once the ice has melted

Pull on B1+B2. Because your ankles are held back by the spreader bar on the other side, your feet are secured in a fixed place.
Pull on B3+B4. Your legs are spread out and can no longer come together.
Now pull on B5. This activates the ball stretcher.

Activate the vibrators.

Make sure that you find and can connect the right strings from B6 and A
Put on your “MacGyvered” Goggles :wink:
Close the padlocks C1+C2 around the rope

Now pull on the rope from the ratchet B6. This shouldn't be much. Just so you can't get to anything else with your hands.
Best to keep it a little loose so that you can regularly change position with your hands. This does have the consequences that the Aneros takes a different position and stimulates your prostate. :twisted:
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