A warning about posting photos

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A warning about posting photos

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Something that might interest all of you about photos taken with phone cameras. :!:

Some of these phones contain GPS receivers, and sometimes GPS position data is included in the photo information. For those of you who are concerned about not being located or otherwise identified, this could be a serious issue. Anyone can read this information with common photo viewing software and using such programs as Google Earth, Maps and Street View, it is possible to pinpoint the location where the photo was taken. Like your home. Or your place of work. If you are in doubt, look in "properties" in your picture, or use one of the several possible "EXIF viewers" you can find online. :shock:

So before posting a picture of yourself on the Web, please consider these points:
  1. - Do not post any personal information that you would not be willing to share with your local community (and the rest of the world)
    - Be aware that photos you post, do not contain EXIF-data (your GPS-coordinates!) or similar information
    - Be aware that a link to a photo posted on you own website, will show your website address! That could give away more information than you intended!
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