Cerena's topic of safety

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Cerena's topic of safety

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A heads up for newbie rookies & a reminder for vintage SB junkies like myself. Some of this may have been covered in other posts.
If you're starting out with SB, take it slow & easy especially if you're on your own & not involving anyone else who can help you. What you think about doing to yourself in theory isn't the same as the physical restriction & reality of what can & can't be done.
This fact must always be taken into consideration when tying your arms & wrists behind your back.
Everything is in reverse & your limb movement differs from front restriction.
Tying wrists crossed greatly increases difficulty to get free.
Never bind too tight to restrict blood flow.
Always use or have a mirror in case of emergency.
Never use knots that are too difficult to loosen or undo.
Make sure you can reach each wrist when tied, or have a safe release tool if wrists are separated.
Always have safety scissors or another safe cutting tool within easy reach for emergency release.
If using locks, numbered combination or key, regularly test them.
If using chains, especially around wrists, choose a comfortable size link that won't restrict blood flow.
Zip ties, metal hand/finger cuffs & leg irons need extra respect, see the handcuff section on the safety discussion board. Be aware zip ties have to be cut & hand/finger cuffs/irons can only be released with keys.
When binding your body, especially around the chest & lung are, don't bind yourself whilst fully exhaled, you are thinner by a few inches that make the difference between breathing efficiently & not being able to.
When using narrow width tape ¾” or smaller to bind wrists, remember you'll need to cut it to release. Always use something sharp enough to cut the tape but not your skin.
If you cinch between your wrists, you're only option for release is to cut in between, I won't go into techniques, but caution!
If gaffer tape has been warmed in hot sun & used on yourself, be aware that it adhesiveness is increased & will be harder to remover especially when multi layered.
These need their own safety section.
OTM, or over the mouth gags regardless of the type need careful choice & consideration.
Wrap gagging with chin touching chest will result in a much tighter gag when head resumes normal position.
Never bind too tight to restrict breathing, I've never restricted or cut of air to my nose.
In mouth gags, my all time favourite. Careful choice must be taken as to what you wish to achieve. Speech prevention is the bottom line here, but an internal mouth gag needs to be comfortable, doesn't disintegrate causing dry retching or vomiting.
Doesn't cause irritation or rub on gums & teeth. Whatever your choice of gag is be aware that the larger the mouth pack, the more chance of suffering jaw fatigue.
Test & be sure you are able to swallow at all times.
Take care when selecting ball gags, the size is vitally important, again, consider jaw fatigue.
Blindfolds, these & gags are a personal choice. Obviously the more you restrict your sight, it will have a direct impact on you being able to release all the other equipment you've used.
If totally blindfolded, disorientation can very quickly set in can be extremely frightening.
Even if a safety release is easily accessible, if you don't know which way you're facing it equates to not having one at all.

Things I've used but have abandoned for safety reasons or other.
Super glue, locktite/nutlock solution, lockable deprivation hood, Hiatt police handcuffs.
Taping/zip tying fingers together

Panic stations.
I've had my share of mishaps & terrifying moments, the biggest was being tied, chained, strapped, gagged & my sight was severely restricted with a 40 denier dark tan stocking blindfold underneath the leather head harness so it couldn't be slipped off.
I was on my double bed spread eagle on my back for a day & a half including a night in total darkness.
The mistake of leaving only one way to release the first wrist was failure of one nut on a bolt becoming jammed on the leather wrist strap connected to the headboard side post.
Without that first wrist being free made it impossible to reach the second padlocked wrist strap.
The time from when you realise, shit, your normal & much rehearsed release isn't working as usual, to the time panic & adrenaline sets in is seconds only, not minutes.
It's a totally natural reaction to struggle with all your strength to pull anyway you can to at least get a wrist free. In reality, if you've tied yourself well enough as I had done, it was going to be impossible.
The problem it's easy to slip into an uncontrolled illogical panic whereby you actually make things worse. Your breathing & heart rate increases & you can become mentally lost & it's extremely hard to calm yourself. And the longer you're trapped the worse you feel as reality takes hold.
Within a few minutes I realised this was very serious, I was totally helpless, unable to sit up, turn, close my legs & the gag system I always use meant I couldn't even make enough sound for anyone to hear, let alone be understood.
I was in a big house, no one knew I was there, no one could see or hear me & I wouldn't have been missed & I would've died before anyone did.
My mouth was totally full with Two pairs of my knickers & sealed shut with many layers of OTM gaffer tape wound under my chin, over my head & forehead, I couldn't open or close my mouth. Because I always have a panty mask with a 15 denier Black stocking hood & a full leather head harness padlocked at the rear. The V straps pressed the gusset section of the knickers tight over my nose, but the more I panicked that became difficult & I found myself struggling for breath as I hyper ventilated.
I recall the first hour I was in a terrible state, I was very fatigued & frightened to the point of realising this is it, I've over stepped the maximum safety line & it's gone fatally wrong & there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. After many hours of struggling I'd cum countless times & was becoming very weak to the point of giving up, I knew that I was 100% secure & nothing could be undone without one wrist being free.
I'd used way too much rope, leather straps, chains & many padlocks & everything was connected in some way, so every movement pulled everything tighter. I'd used my 11 point anchor point system, ankles, above knees, waist, neck, head harness, above elbows & wrists.

I have to admit, although it was the most terrifying session I've ever had, I truly thought I would eventually die like that. As a paradox, it was the most realistic SB session with the most gigantic & unbearably sensitive cums that spread through my entire body I've ever experienced.
As nightfall came, that made the situation worse as the blindfold rendered me in total darkness. The night consisted of equal amounts of frantic struggling & motionless calm with absolute energy loss. I remember crying & trying scream, but the gag was extremely good at sound prevention.
I eventually freed that all important wrist by continually rubbing the metal bolt up & down the hole through the thick leather belt, whereby the teeth ion the bolt gradually wore the leather away until the big square nut was able to pass through.
That took almost 18 hours, where I'd cum & wet myself numerous times, strangely enough I wasn't overly thirsty as the knickers in my mouth remained saturated with water I always soak them in. An hour of the ordeal was captured on video that I later upload to a site & was viewed by members here, unfortunately it doesn't exist any longer & I don't have the video.
The moral of this is my life could've been ended due to some fine fragment of leather becoming jammed in the thread of the bolt, & it couldn't be undone with a finger & thumb.
So everything you use for SB, triple check & test prior to every session.

I take no responsibility for any misrepresentation or any harm you cause to yourself by your own mistakes or errors. This advice & knowledge has been given & gleaned from many decades of SB, my years of trial, error, testing & sheer terror of being really stuck in what at the time was an inescapable gone way too far self inflicted self bondage gagged & blindfolded sessions.
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Re: Cerena's topic of safety

Post by SBadiction »

Some very good advice here, I've been practicing self bondage for around 50 years and can relate to most of this and, although I've never had an extreme mistake like you describe, I have had moments where things have gone wrong.
My biggest advice when you start is, as you say, take it slowly. Use clips instead of padlocks to start with, they still give the same sensation of struggling but you can get out anytime you like. When you feel ready to fully commit yourself and have come up with a good release mechanism (ice is the best, it will always melt) then test it, test it, test it again and then test it some more. It's all worth it because the sensation you get when that final lock clicks shut is incredible and you could almost cum on the spot.
Enjoy yourselves and play safe - VERY safe.
Steve xx
Happily married (but always ready to flirt), wife not into anything kinky so it's self-bondage when I can.
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