Embarrassing moments opening packages? Tell us!

Post your thoughts and ideas on safety here.
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Embarrassing moments opening packages? Tell us!

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Have you ever had a package containing kink items, opened by you in front of others, forced to open for customs, or opened by an authorized person(s) or unauthorized person(s)? What did you do? What was the aftermath? Was your relationship with that person the same? Tell us here, maybe we can learn from it to prevent or damage control the result.
This thread is being posted in response to one of my posting influencers/inspirers.
My go-to is the S.O.D.D.I. (Some Other Dude Did It) defense. Sent to the wrong address, never ordered but recognize the sender/vendor name (Helps to move the story along) and of course, playing dumb.
My closest to being caught was when an electric timer lock was sent from Asia, with the customs description, "Handcuffs Timer Lock". My parents living with me at the time, asked what it was. I opened it in front of them and said it was for keeping Television set remotes, cell phones, and other addictive things from my reach, might be cool to try.
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Re: Embarrassing moments opening packages? Tell us!

Post by kinbaku »

Never happened to me, but the following did happen:
I once received an offer for sex videos, the subscription would automatically end after a letter from me that I no longer wanted it (I had already written this letter before I ordered it :mrgreen: ).
They kept sending new videos and asking for the bill. To finally stop it I had to go to a lawyer and explain it to him :shock: .
Because I behaved like it was the most normal thing in the world, he didn't make any problems about it either. :D

If you ever subscribe to something and want it to stop, do so by certified mail and have the stamp of the post through an opening in the envelope so the post-stamp is on the letter or better yet don't put the letter in an envelope but lightly tape it shut whit the address and post-stamp on the back of the letter. Thus, they cannot claim that the envelope did not contain a letter. Also take a photo of this letter sent.
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Re: Embarrassing moments opening packages? Tell us!

Post by KinkInSpace »

Not exactly the most embarrassing moment, but that's only because I handled it well.

I order many sex attributes from aliexpress. As I live alone, its not a problem that it gets delivered to my address. No nosey people questioning what I ordered etc.

When I lived with my family, and I got something delivered and they saw, they would always ask what I had ordered, just out of curiosity and maybe to engage in a conversation.

One day, I was celebrating my birthday and they came over. That morning, I received an email, notifying that one of my sex toys would be delivered by the post officer that day. I knew that if I received the package, my family would ask me what would be in there, almost forcing me to open it.

So when they were in the livingroom and the bell rang, I quickly opened the door, grabbed the package and placed it label down near the front door. My family asked who was at the door, and I replied, the mail man, had a package for the neighbours, and asked if I could keep it for them.

And that was it, it was a bit emberrassing, but because I was well prepared, it went flawlessly.
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