How to release farts behind butt plugs [guide]

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How to release farts behind butt plugs [guide]

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We've all been there (those that play with butt plugs). You put a larger buttplug in and after a while, you feel pressure build inside you behind the buttplug, which in terms can make the buttplug feel uncomfortable until the gasses vacate.

Especially if you try larger plugs out (the ones that when you insert them, you need plenty lube and you feel you are stretching down there), you will find that you easily trap air inside and the feeling can get unbearable rather quickly.

So... how do you deal with that?
I like to wear buttplugs a lot. I have many in my collection now. Different materials, different sizes and different purposes. Special ones include estim and inflatable ones, but also a few that are larger than I can easily take. I can take a diameter of 4cm with only mild discomfort, but on a good day, I can take a 5cm one. I have 3 different ones in my collection now and although they will definitely hurt when going in as I stretch some muscles there, I really do like it when I go there.

But especially with those 5 cm ones, but also my larger 4cm ones, with a plug inserted that large, it is getting harder to fart with the plug in so the air escapes.

Before I give a few techniques I developed that really work well, lets explain why we fart.

Although there is a technical explaination that our poop produces methane gas as byproduct and that wants to get out, there is also a biological function of farting. As poop gets harder, the gas that wants to move out of the body builds up pressure. This pressure pushes the poop towards your ass all the way from the inside of your body to its exit. Sensors in your ass will give you the feeling "I need to poop" when the pressure behind the poop builds up enough to push hard enough against the sensor. The harder it presses, the more urgent you feel you need to poop. This is why some dildos or butt plugs may directly give you that feeling. They trigger that sensor by themselves, optionally in combination with trapped gasses.

The two techniques I discovered that work well are these...

Go to the toilet
Now, it sounds weird, but if you pee while holding the buttplug in place, the motion itself will put more pressure on the right spots while also relaxing your muscles which allows the gas to move past some times. Its not a method that works every time, but it can often help if you have to pee anyway. You can wiggle the buttplug as you pee which will also help. Wiggle, and then hold and push it to a side. It will also help if you try and push it in deeper as you pee.

Hit it/massage it
Now this technique I discovered works really well, also with my larger plugs that feel like no air can ever escape. You put your ass outwards (optionally, but seems to help a bit) and then with one hand, you hit your buttplug. You want to hit it with force, but not extremely hard. It will feel a bit like a massage. Do this rhythmically as if you are being taken in your ass by someone. Hit it 20 to 30 times. This will relax your ass to a great extend. Then press and hold the buttplug in while trying to fart. Press it in. Air will easily slide past now. Wiggle if you must.

If you feel like not all air has escaped, you can hit it 20 to 30 more times for another burst. This will work as long as there is enough pressure behind the plug, but if there is just only slightly pressure behind, then you don't feel the need to get it out anyway.

Enjoy these techniques, and let me know if they helped you.
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Re: How to release farts behind butt plugs [guide]

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Thank you for posting advice on this awkward subject, Lando. We can always count on you to answer the questions members are afraid to ask. :)
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