Self bondage backup to the backup

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Self bondage backup to the backup

Postby Toddteded » 28 Jan 2021, 22:16

Im planning a self bondage session tommorow ill be spread eagle tied and gagged ive planned my release and i have a backup knife ready but as a just in case i was wondering if anybody on here is in the springfield mo area incase my release or back up release fails i can get a hand from someone who knows what they are doing
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Re: Self bondage backup to the backup

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 29 Jan 2021, 03:24

Welcome to Bound Anna, Todd. I would use safety scissors like paramedics use for your emergency rope release as opposed to a knife. Your ability to safely operate a knife may be compromised by having bound wrists, sore joints from being awkwardly tied, or losing circulation.
Members here are very knowledgeable and friendly, but anyone you already know could make a better back up than a stranger. Untying knots and unlocking locks is not too difficult for most people. Maybe choose a reliable person in your circle who is least likely to judge, shame or even blackmail you.
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Re: Self bondage backup to the backup

Postby kinbaku » 29 Jan 2021, 03:24

Welcome Toddteded.
Due to the corona measures, we are no longer allowed to travel abroad from Belgium. :facepalm: :rofl:
If necessary, take a second or third backup, such as the connection with your hands via an ice lock. Can be just a cloth with ice in it that prevents the cloth from going through a ring.
With spread eagle on your back, I'm not much in favor of a gag. This will create extra saliva with the risk of choking. :shock:
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Re: Self bondage backup to the backup

Postby ZipMeUp » 27 Feb 2021, 23:51

I second the ice lock idea. Just make sure the ring is one piece and there is no chance of anything else catching on the ring.
Another good idea would be a door lock electromagnet connected to a suitable (3-4 AH) 12v SLA battery. Once the battery dies, the electromagnet cannot hold on anymore.
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