Periodically Check Bondage Furniture By Cerena

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Periodically Check Bondage Furniture By Cerena

Postby cerenaselfbound » 07 Aug 2020, 09:49

In July 2019 I wrote a post on this subject & I think attention should be draw to it again as there may be some new members who need to know. I wrote the article in the wake of a major incident & my double bed collapsing at the head board. I won't go into detail here but a simple nut coming lose & off of a bolt resulted in the bed collapsing with me gagged & spread eagled to it. I really thought that was it because it took many hours in a lot of pain where the ropes & straps pulled excessively tight & stretched me out to the max. Since that event I made sure that it's impossible for any nuts or bolts can come lose as they're bonded with a thread locker. Struggling is a major turn on for me & very realistic & I don't want that happening again.
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Re: Periodically Check Bondage Furniture By Cerena

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 12 Aug 2020, 17:24

You could also double nut, or "jam nut" to prevent backing off. Of course, nothing is tighter than a cross-thread. Maybe you want to take it apart someday, so I don't advise.
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