What to do if you get stuck

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What to do if you get stuck

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If you're forever pushing the envelope in search of the ultimate SB experience, & making it harder to get free. At some point throughout the learning process you will actually be tied up & in reality not be able to get free for some time & if you're unlucky, not at all. Over the years I've had plenty of mishaps whereby something has happened I didn't anticipate or a knot or padlock had slipped out of my reach due to struggling very hard. There are any number of things that can go wrong but the majority are preventable by TEST TEST TESTING prior to any final use. I'm not going to go into why you could get stuck as this is how to help you situation if you ever do.
Now, from experience then moment you realise you can't release your wrists your body goes straight into panic mode & you start pulling & struggling which only starts an ever increasing cycle.
When this happens try your best to remain calm by concentrating on your breathing. Frantic breathing only increases your diaphragm making you bigger & in turn any restraints around your body tighter restricting your movement further still. 9 times out of ten if you remain calm most rope knots can be loosened & undone. It's imperative that you understand & familiarize yourself with the knots that you use all the time, as knowing how they bind (under bondage conditions) can only help you to undo them. Always be aware of your abilities & how much you can move whilst tied, especially if you're hands are tied behind your back. Trying to undo things in the reverse & blind is something completely different to trying it out in front when you can see. Be aware of how your joints are restricted when tied, obviously the whole point is to restrict yourself but you must always have an escape route & know even when tied that you can reach what you need to, unless you are relying on someone to release you, but this assumes it's a solo mission. I personally have never needed any back-up like a knife or other cutting tool, as I'm confident in all I do & have used all those mistakes to learn from them. I wrote in another post how I can tie & untie knots blindfolded, in front & behind so I don't actually need to see. This takes a great deal of time & practise but I couldn't do this any other way. Even if you need to break open padlocks if a key breaks, you can use two adequately sized spanners, or if police handcuffs need to be opened without a key, search Youtube for procedure, as they can all be undone. It's all about precaution & minimizing all risk of mishaps in any situation, coz if it happens & you've done a great SB job & you're gagged & stuck. All the fun & joy goes straight to hell in a micro second & you're lying there trying to come to terms that no one knows you're like that.
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Re: What to do if you get stuck

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I strongly support this post. I have been doing bondage and selfbondage for the better part of a decade and have gotten stuck more times than I want to count, leading to some interesting adventures. Whenever I use rope, I always leave myself a "life line". Normally it is the main knot that will release my hands, or atleast increase my ability to use them. Instead of tying a normal knot like every other one I have on, I tie it as a double panic knot. I then take the free ends and make sure if something goes wrong, it can be released such as if I'm standing, attaching it to my waist so that if I drop down, it releases. This knot I think is a critical knot that all bondage lovers should know. It is super secure, but a sharp tug (or two) on the free ends releases the knot. Even in "panic mode" this is completely foolproof provided it is tied right. Like you said, practice, and TEST!!! I personally run through more extreme scenarios two or three times before I actually start
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