What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

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What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby GamePlayer » 20 Jul 2017, 11:41

What was your biggest mistake when you tied yourself up (in self-bondage)?

And how did you solve that mistake? Or did you got stuck and needed some else to get you out?
Or did you get caught?
As anyone knows you need to be careful with self-bondage, but sometimes you still can make a mistake and get yourself in real trouble.
Hopefully this topic can help other people to prevent that mistake in self-bondage. :wink:
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby KinkInSpace » 20 Jul 2017, 12:45

My biggest mistake luckily was not a severe one.

I overestimated the power of Tabasco sauce.

I had used it on my nipples and in small dosis on my balls and penis before. On my penis and balls, they were mixed with water to thin the sauce and weaken the effect. I felt it but it was not that heavy, so I thought I could handle unthinned Tobasco sauce on my penis.

I wanted to suffer, and I pretended that I would suffer, knowing that it would be quite doable but somewhat uncomfortable. Or so I thought.

So I made things more interesting. I put on a chastity cage with metal bars with little space in between, but the cockhead was still pretty accessible.

I locked myself in then got the Tabasco sauce and used a cottonstick to smear my penis in with the sauce. Although I didn't overdo it, unthinned sauce in small quantity is still unthinned sauce!

Anyway, Tabasco sauce starts burning slow and over the course of 30 minutes it intensifies, stays like that depending on how much sauce is used and then slowly fades off in a similar time stamp. You start feeling the sauce about 5 minutes in, and things become pretty heated after 15 minutes, but normally pretty bearable. It slowly continues to build up for another 15 minutes which goes graduadelly enough that if you are not in real pain the first 15 minutes, you will be able to take the whole experience.

So... Being in chastity, I started to poor the Tabasco sauce on my member. I was done covering my whole penis and ballsack about 3 minutes in. At that point I already started to notice this was far worse than I had done before.

10 minutes in, things were really on fire and it was so bad, I was in serious pain. Things continued to heat up and by 15 minutes, it was so unbearable, I wanted it off, and I mean right now. The keys were somewhere and I had to find them. They luckily were not locked away. I decided that I were to wash off the Tabasco sauce with water. That made things a lot worse.

In a lot of pain, near crying I quickly looked for the keys and once I found them, I removed the chastity cage as quickly as possible. My penis was so over sensitive, it wasn't even funny. Not to mention, still burning hot! The chastity cage had prevented me from fully washing my penis, so with lots of water and scrubbing carefully I was able to reduce the effects of the Tabasco sauce to tolerable levels. Still burning but doable. I thought, I could continue the session from here. I cleaned the chastity cage as best as I could, and prepared to put it on again, but because my penis was so sensitive, the cage itself down right hurted, so I quickly got it off again, feeling shamed for a missed opportunity of bdsm.

I never felt brave enough to repeat the session with a more mild Tabasco blend... Maybe one day...
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby occorics » 20 Jul 2017, 14:24

Slave_L wrote:I overestimated the power of Tabasco sauce.

I had a similar encounter, but with Finalgon Extra Strong. Luckily I wasn't tied or in chastity, but I spend ages in the cold shower trying to wash it off with oil and soap... :shock:
I tried to treat a sore shoulder with it later and even for that it's too hot...
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby GamePlayer » 20 Jul 2017, 14:31

My only mistake so far was: Getting caught.

At that time I still lived in my parents home, and decided to do a simple tie with a handcuffs and a chain around my waist (handcuffs padlocked to the chain).
I used a frozen key release. And I put the spare keys in another room of the house. Wearing only my underpants, I tied my underpants to a fixed anchor point with another chain. If I needed to go to the spare keys then my underpants were automatically pulled down and had to walk naked to the spare keys. So my only options were to wait for the ice to melt to get the key.s Or walk naked (tied up) through the house to the spare keys. This was also my first time I tied myself up with a risk of getting completely naked.
No one was home, and shouldn't come home at that time. But after I tied myself up, 15 minutes later I hear someone coming home. It was my brother.
I got a bit scared of getting caught, and decided to go to the spare keys, before my brother saw me like this… which was the big mistake... underpants got pulled down and walked naked to the spare keys.
I didn't know that my brother was already in that same room where I put the keys, and caught me, I felt embarrassed standing tied up, especially naked. He noticed then the keys, and took it away before I could get them. I needed to explain everything to him before he would give me the keys back. And showed him the time release, and the underpants on the chain.

Then he took the chain part with the underpants and removed the underpants from the chain. I thought he was going to give me my underpants back, but unexpectedly he quickly put the chain around my ankle and locked the chain with the padlock, and my leg was now anchored, he threw the pants to on the ground far away out of my reach, and then he removed the frozen key release (these were still in my reach).
My self-bondage session became a bondage session, I was not able to release myself anymore.
He left me tied up for an hour, before he released me. And later he told me if I didn't walked into that room for the key, he would never had found out.

I thought I covered it all the safety issues for my self-bondage session, but misjudged the risk of getting caught.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby niqabfan » 20 Jul 2017, 21:56

I made 2 mistakes, 1 severe that almost put me into a very dangerous situation and possible death and the other was getting caught.

I'll start by the getting caught one, I was doing a hogtie, i misjudged the wrists coil tightness and when I pulled the noose, it tightened so much the ropes dug into my wrists and I feared losing blood circulation. My release method was supposed to be a knife nearby. However as the ropes now dug into my wrists, it was unsafe to use the knife anymore or I risk bleeding.
So I crawled to my brother naked (he was sleeping) and told him to get a scissor to cut the ropes. Rope marks (turned into bloody areas) were visible for a long time and I had to wear long sleeves to cover them up.

The second one: I made the mistake of using a penis gag PLUS using a hood AND a blindfold in a hogtie. It was supposed to be a short session, I tie myself, crawl and get scissor and free myself.
I crawled into a wrong room!!, I panicked and my heart beat rate increased. I feared I might faint or get vomit feeling and choke and die. What was supposed to be a few minutes of fun turned into a frightening session (sold my bdsm items after it, but now rebought everything). I was able to calm myself, maintain blood circulation in my hands, and crawl successfully by feeling objects and getting released.

NEVER use gags in self-bondage at all!
Calibrate equipment right! ignore the hormones for a bit!
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby cbshackle » 21 Jul 2017, 03:34

The biggest mistake I made was tying my elbows together using boot leg cuffs over elbows and crossing chain in front of my waist and then a hogtie. I did double lock the cuffs but might have gone a little too tight. 10 min in the hogtie, my hands started to go numb and there was another 20 min until the ice melted and the keys to free myself of the hogtie became available. My wife was going to be home in an hour or two (planned that way as a backup) so I wasn't worried if I go stuck as long as I could adjust pressure and gain some circulation, but it wasn't working. My wife and I had done this scenario several times and I never had a circulation issue with this position but something was off a little.

Eventually the keys dropped, but I could barely feel the key. I somehow managed to get the key into the padlock holding the hottie, and the metal shackles. There was no why I could read around front to release the elbow cuffs as arms were lick wet noodles. Luckily I managed to slide the elbow cuffs down a bit and started to get some circulation back. Finally I was able to unlock the chain cinching my elbows together. Luckily I was able to get out as my wife has texted me that it would be a few more hours until she was home.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby ponylady » 22 Jul 2017, 23:33

I have a large ( for my anus) stainless steel buttplug that i'm barely able to fit & the base is very flat (about 85° with rounded edges).
So, if i work this one in sucessfully it stays put.

Or so i thought.

During a session i had the brilliant idea to connect the plug to the spreader bar between my ankles. When i tried to finish my hogtie i pulled on the link between the plug & spreaderbar & it came out instantly.

I laid there frozen & it took a couple of seconds for the pain to register. It was so intense that i laid still for about 10 minutes, only realising later i had cum when the plug was pulled.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby OutdoorBound » 23 Jul 2017, 22:06

Not testing how to get out of handcuffs.

I started a new job and lived in a new city in long term hotel room by myself for a couple of months. I went and bought my first hand cuffs, mixed all my clothes up on the bed, I took the key and with my eyes closed put the key in a pocket and mixed up the clothes again and walked to the living room. In a chair I tied the hand cuffs to the back of the chair. I striped, tied my feet together and put clothes pins on my balls and dick (so many I had to stand bow legged) and nipples, blind folded myself, then I quickly locked the cuff behind my back. All good and fun so far.

I then untied the rope holding the cuffs to the chair and had to jump my way to the bedroom, every time I jumped I would slam the clothes pins into my balls and the clothes pins would bounce on my dick and balls, some fell off (ouch). I jumped to the bed and found the key digging through my cloths. Laying and moving around on the bed was not easy and painful. This took 20 - 30 minutes. All good and fun so far.

But then the problem, I could not bend my hand enough to get the key into the lock. Sudden fear! I kept trying to pry my hand on the wall and bathroom counter to get my hand to bend enough to get the key in and turn it. My hands were numb and hurting very badly, after hours of trying I was considering to open my room door and wait for someone to walk by and help me...I gave it a few more trys and I don't know how but I felt the cuff open.

I threw them away and still I am very cautious of my self bondage I stopped for a log time. Now I make it so the wife can find me if it gets out of hand.

Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby CD Tammy » 27 Oct 2017, 15:55

My biggest mistake in self-bondage was not factoring in the nighttime temperatures when using an ice block for release. I had tested during the daytime and the weight dropped in something like three hours. The plan was to start at dark and walk home dressed in the dark. I didn’t get free until well after daylight the next day.

I hurt everywhere. The high heeled pumps that had been so sexy when I strapped them on had made my toes hurt, my ankles hurt, and my calves hurt. My arms were above my head, secured to rafters, and cuffed. They hurt. The gag, made my jaw hurt and mouth.

While I’ve never done one that long sense, I wouldn’t change it. I was actually so relieved when I crumpled to the floor, that it took me a couple minutes before I got the shoes off, the gag, cuffs, etc. I walked through the woods en femme, in my stockinged feet carrying my shoes and bag.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby gimslyp » 30 Oct 2017, 10:30

I made a bit of a "mistake" once with an electric shock collar that is supposed to stop dogs from barking. I tried it on myself first - it needs a lot of noise to activate but once it does, it just gives you a "beep" the first time. The second time it activates it gives you a shock which I'd describe as sharp, but more stimulating that painful. So, I thought I go ahead and try it in a scenario.

I put myself into a hogtie with a timed release. I was wearing the usual underwear and clothing, but also a ballgag and my CB-6000S chastity cage, with the shock collar strapped in place with the electrodes just in front of the back ring - perfectly placed to deliver electric current to my testicles. And here's the first problem. Although the collar needs a lot of noise to set it off, it can be triggered immediately if the casing taps against something - the chastity cage in this case.

I got myself into position and fastened my wrists behind my back, connected to my ankles by a very short chain. I tried to move a bit and hump the carpet too which was about all I could do now I was tied up. Unfortunately the ring on the cage tapped against the shocker casing, and triggered it. The first time it just beeped, but because it was so hard to stop the tapping taking place, the device got triggered again immediately, and this time it delivered its first shock directly into my balls. It wasn't particularly painful, but it was sharp enough to make me scream into the gag and jerk my body in response. And this triggered the device AGAIN! And here's the second thing I learned - the shocks get stronger each time it gets activated! The second shock was about twice as strong as the first, and made me scream and jerk even more than before - which triggered it yet again! The third level was very strong and painful. It actually had seven levels of shock and I got to level 7 within less than a minute - and once it gets to the highest level (which feels like being kicked hard in the balls) it just shocks you without the warning beep! I learned very quickly to lie perfectly still and be patient for my release. I still got a lot of hard shocks though (without warning) even though I was still and silent.

My balls ached for two weeks afterwards, and every time I hear something beep today, that's what I think of straight away!
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby vm1971 » 11 Aug 2018, 23:24

Early in my selfbondage career, I was strictly hogtied with rope and heavily gagged. I had attached myself to the sofa leg.

The knife was beside me.

When I eventually decided to free myself, I fumbled for the knife and ended up pushing it under the sofa so I couldn't reach it.

I ended up dislocating my thumb to get my hands free.


Even earlier in my selfbondage career, when I bought my first set of handcuffs... I was so excited, I went back to my car and handcuffed my wrists around the steering wheel. I then accidentally dropped the keys. I was able to get my shoe and sock off and use my toes to pick up the keys.

Later that day, after getting home, I handcuffed my hands behind my back. I was tape gagged and my ankles tied with rope...nothing too crazy. I just wanted to see how they felt again. When I went to unlock myself, I had an awful time trying to unlock them as the keyholes were facing up. It would have been far worse if I had blindfolded myself as well. I say that because I had considered doing it. I always triple-check which way the keyholes are facing now.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby TNTBound » 12 Aug 2018, 01:49

i would say doing a very tight face down spread eagle over night was probably the worst. my back was SO sore in the morning when i was finally able to release myself. i didnt get a wink of sleep, and because of that, i was not in the greatest mood that day.

i quickly realized that if im going to spend all night in bondage, it had better be comfortable! completely restrained is fine, but comfortable.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby Audrey_CD » 12 Aug 2018, 22:27

Tying myself spreadeagled on my back with a gag in. Any gag will cause me to drool quite a lot and the inevitable happened that I started to choke. It took all my self control to suppress the choke reflex whilst I played the emergency get out of bondage free card.
I have never used a scenario like that since.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby CD Tammy » 14 Aug 2018, 18:35

I had a four day weekend and wanted to spend it crossdressed with several self bondage sessions mixed in. I have a very strong electro magnet that was used to hold a door closed. When the power block is plugged in, it's impossible to pull the metal plate free from the magnet. The first night, I was June Cleaver. Pantyhose, dress, high heeled pumps, apron. I did housework and cooked dinner. After dinner, I clamped the magnet to a rafter in the garage. I plugged it into my smart plug. The TP-Link HS110 has a timer, I set it for an hour. A pair of handcuffs secured me to the metal plate. No big deal. I stood there for an hour, on my toes, with my arms above me. Before the hour was up, I realized that I could ask Alexa to turn off the switch. When the plate released and my hands were free, I was disappointed in myself.

It was time for an outfit change. This one was exciting. I was going to wear a wedding dress. First, I put on a white snap crotch corset with blue garter straps. White stockings came next over my freshly shaven legs. Damn, my legs look good. The shoes were white patent leather pumps with ankle straps and 5" heels. With practice, I can actually walk in them. It was time for the dress. It's white. The top has a bodice that is tight with some lacy stuff over silk. It has long lacy sleeves and white silk gloves. The zipper looks like it was made for industrial use. The bottom is full and heavy. I put the dress on and used a coat hanger to get it zipped. I may have had to suck in a bit. It was tight. I turned slowly in the full length mirror. It felt great.

Wanting a redo on my earlier hour restrained, I went to the garage. I secured my legs together with zip ties above the knees, below the knees, and at the ankles. I put a pair of panties in my mouth then fastened a ball gag over them. There would be no calling out for Alexa to save me. It was 10:45 PM. I had cheated myself out of 15 minutes earlier this would give me 15 extra minutes to think about it. I set the time to release as 12:00 PM, then locked the cuffs. The garage wasn't too hot but in that dress, it seemed hotter. I could only move in a small tight circle.

I watched the digital clock on the wall turn to 12:00 then 12:01 and so forth but the magnet didn't release. It took me a minute to realize my mistake. I had set the smart plug to 12:00 PM not AM. This was going to be uncomfortable. I pulled hard nothing budged. I was stuck. I would look at the clock every ten minutes. Every couple of hours, I would come up with a plan. I tried to call out to Alexa. That wasn't happening. I tried to twist the smooth gloves through the cuffs. Uh no. Early in the night, I realized that I was going to have to urinate. No real option. I peed in the corset. I felt it run down my stockinged leg, all the way to my foot. Sometime during the night, I slept off and on like I was, hanging there. Ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there.

By 11:00 AM the garage was hot. I was sweating a lot. Not much longer left. Finally, right at noon, I felt the magnet release. Before I could stop myself, I crumpled into a heap on the cement floor. With my hands still cuffed, I got that gag out of my mouth and pulled out the soaked panties. My mouth had been filled and stretched. I picked up the keys and managed to get the handcuffs off. Then I took those shoes off and rubbed my stockinged feet. I had to drag myself on the floor to the toolbox to get cutters for the ties. When I got up, I looked at my dress. Dirty from the floor, a urine spot in the front, the dry cleaner was going to really have to work on this one. I went into the house, grabbed a bottle of water and drank it as I flopped on the couch. I would still have to go to the bedroom to get the open coat hanger to unzip myself but I was tired and sore everywhere.

Know your AM and PM when setting a time release.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby Sergio » 16 Aug 2018, 08:35

And that is why you should always plug a digital timer into a mechanical one set for a few hours longer than your desired time. You don't even have to set the time, just flick a few hours worth of levers to the 'on' position and rotate the dial until it just clicks on.
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