Ever been stuck?

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Ever been stuck?

Post by Sandman »

Has it ever happened that your release mechanism failed?

If so, what happened and how did you eventually get loose?
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by lj »

Yes !

I had used a cable tie to link two locked cuffs behind my back, and put a pair of wire cutters on a shelf, not thinking that I couldn't reach them once my hands were behind my back. Nothing like proper planning :oops:

So I tried to use a chair to climb up, but the chair was a rotating office chair, which rotated at just the wrong moment, so I fell and hit my chest against the corner of a cupboard, breaking a couple of ribs.

Still secured, I tried to use a pair of scissors to cut the tie, the scissors split apart and one of the blades sliced my hand, which started to bleed.

Fortunately I realised I had a long rod that I could use to knock the wire cutters off the shelf, managed to do this and cut the cable tie.

The cut wasn't too serious, so a bit of mopping up and some micropore tape sorted that, but the ribs took about three weeks to stop hurting.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by xuebaimeng »

Year, one time I have a big problem,and it is almost the most terrible experience in my 10+ years SB period.
This time I tied me tightly,and I only prepare a key to open the lock. Expect that, I also prepared a sessior to relief myself. After I played enough and want to get free, I discovered that I couldn't open the lock with the key when my hands being tied up behind the back. I am not afraid of getting free at the moment,but when find my sessior could not cut the rope tying me, I became fear. I struggled stormly and wanted to get out of ropes. But the rope is strict. I was tying for a long time,and I even lost hope and wanted to cry. Fortunately,when I wanted to give up,the key rope was broken up, and I escape from the bondage luckily. When I get free, I knew the value of freedom truly!
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by JIMDINI »

A few times in my fifty or so years of SB. But the luckiest was when I got stuck in rigid handcuffs and gag and had to text a friend for help. They are now my emergency backup, and occasionally my release. :D
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by RADER123 »

I was able to get into my strait jacket. Now trying to get out was not easy.
I was trapped for over 5 hours one Sunday. I was finally able to get out by
going down to my work shop, and getting a screwdriver into a vice, and use
it to pick and pull the strap around me to un-buckle it.
It was a scary time.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by vm1971 »

I got stuck in a hogtie once. While fumbling for the knife, I accidentally pushed it underneath the sofa and couldn't retrieve it. It was early on in my selfbondage career and I didn't have the dreaded "messy backup plan".

I ended up having to dislocate my thumb to get free.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by teather »

I was waist/crotch chained with a short ankle chain threaded through the crotch chain keeping me kneeling. My hands were cuffed behind and the cuffs (Alcyon 15901s) were padlocked to the waist chain. I had set up a timer release attached to the curtain rail above my living room window. I had used the release many times before, usually sitting it on top of a wardrobe in my bedroom, and knew it to be reliable dropping my release keys.

On this particular occasion I was not planning to remain bound for too long and I knew that all my other keys were loose on my bedroom floor upstairs. The key drop was set for 8 hr - around 5 am. At the start of the session my hands were cuffed loosely enough that I'd be able to squeeze them free with a little effort.

I was passing the time sitting with my legs tucked up underneath me in an armchair watching TV and enjoying the restriction of the chains and cuffs. I needed to change channels on the tv but as I wriggled out of the chair to slide down onto the floor I slipped and, unable to stop myself, rolled backwards with my cuffed wrists trapped underneath - I was unlucky, both cuffs tightened fully. Fortunately I was unhurt but when I realised the cuffs had tightened so much my first fear was that my hands would begin to go numb and I'd be unable to use the keys. Luckily for me I have skinny wrists and although the cuffs were uncomfortably tight they were not cutting off blood circulation and I could still turn my wrists to get at the keyholes.

Under the circumstances, obviously, I wanted to get the cuffs off ASAP. The cuff key in the living room was well out of reach about 4 or 5 feet above my head, so my only option was to try to get upstairs to the spare or one of the keys to the padlocks on my ankle or waist chain.

I shuffled across the floor on my knees towards the living room door - it was closed to keep the room warm. That was a problem... The door had a round knob style handle - stuck on my knees I couldn't reach it with my hands and try as I might I couldn't grip it with my chin, teeth or arm to turn it. The door opened into the room so there was no chance I would be able to force it open. After a few minutes weighing up my options I decided to push a nearby sofa up to the door then if I could scramble up onto it maybe I'd be able to back up to the knob and grasp it. It wasn't easy pushing the sofa but it worked and I was able to work the knob. I still couldn't open the door because the sofa was in the way, so I had to shove it back again.

Out in the hallway there was nothing I could use to reach the living room key, I had to inch my way up the 20 or so stairs to reach the top landing. I didn't have much leg movement to push myself up each step and I was constantly imagining myself slipping and tumbling down. When I reached the top, further frustration, I'd also closed my bedroom door without thinking. All the doors in the house had knobs. There was nothing on the upstairs landing I could use to get up to the knob. After all that risk and effort I had no other option but to head back downstairs to the living room to wait and hope that my release worked.

After all my exertions on the stairs and kneeling for so long my legs were starting to cramp frequently. I spent the next 5 or 6 hours trying to get some relief from my self imposed discomfort and trying to avoid moving my legs in any way that triggered muscle cramps. Most comfortable was balanced up on my knees witn my feet in the air and my head and chest resting face down on the chair seat to take some of the weight off. Worst was when I tightened the muscles at the back of my thighs and they started to cramp with no way to stretch them out. I have to say that I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and cried a few tears during those waiting hours.

When the time came, my release worked perfectly. I have never been quite so relieved.

The lessons I learned - first ALWAYS DOUBLE LOCK YOUR CUFFS (I keep a blunt nail for this so I don't need access to the key. I am also a little ashamed to say I still don't always double lock for instance if I'm just wearing my cuffs for fun around my home). Second, don't shut yourself in a room you can't get out of when self-bound.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by Riddle »

Yes, I have been stuck a few times. The first time, I had used an ice release and had left the window open accidentally. The weather outside was -20F (really cold Celsius) and my room temp went really cold fast. Instead of an hour bondage session, I was stuck for over 4 hours waiting for the ice to melt.

Another time, my hands went numb wearing a pair of handcuffs. That made using the key much more exciting...
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by lehmann »

Actually I never got actually stuck.

My experience is, frequently, I can get free somehow before the planned release would have freed me. This can lead to a dangerous, careless attitude, making me think hell, I can get free somehow anyway. But even when I am totally horny, I still take the time to think about the release again every time before the ultimate click. (Thinking about this makes me horny by the way. :rofl: )
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by MrKnottie »

Early in my SB experimenting, I put myself in a hogtie, and a family member came home early, luckily I didn't have a gag in my mouth so I was able to respond so I could shoo them away, so I remained undiscovered.

being so close to discovery, adrenaline was pumping through my system, I then rushed to the scissors which I placed on the other side of the room (at quite a speed considering the restrictions), but I knocked them under some drawers.

Panic set in, made worse by the adrenaline, now all I wanted was to get out of my bonds, and then I saw a rough edge on a corner table, so I then used the edge to saw through the rope.

the adrenaline rush was fantastic, but I wouldn't want to go through that again. Now I make sure I have at least two release methods set up. Better safe than sorry.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by mymy42 »

MrKnottie wrote:the adrenaline rush was fantastic, but I wouldn't want to go through that again. Now I make sure I have at least two release methods set up. Better safe than sorry.
... Or better keep your kinky secret? ;)

I recently had this rush when I was playing with e stim (no bondage) when my girlfriend came home. Hopefully she didn't went early to me and I had time to quickly remove electrodes and stuff and hide them temporarily... This was stressful and I'm sure she noticed my strange voice/reaction when I came to her.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by Jadit »

Once when i was still really young, i used 1 self-tightening strap to my wrists behind back. Because when testing in front i could press the metallic button against my knee or wall and make it loosen. I was in upstairs bathroom hands pointing sideways and trying to push the release against something, but nothing would let it loose. It would just sink in between my wrists or something when pushing.. Maybe i didn't realize i should turn it, or maybe it was too tight to turn. I couldn't think of any way that would open it.

Either way i had nothing in my legs so i stood up and opened the door. Parents and rest of the family where downstairs and i had no intention of letting anyone know about my habits. The youngest one, maybe some 4-5 year old was there and i asked to open it, and that was that, i was loose. Too young to realize what just happened, no noise was made and i still don't think it was remembered later on. Now i live alone so i can't take any risks, always having some backup and planning ahead every possible outcome, and it's worked so far.

Oh there's 1 thing recently that comes sort of close to being stuck. If i put latex gloves on, good amount of lubricant on top of fingers and put hands inside inflatable latex mittens. Don't need to inflate them, just start moving fingers inside to spread the lube allover. It becomes very difficult to grasp anything like zipper that closes them when your fingers are just sliding against the rubber. I'm still playing around with the idea a bit and thinking of other toys along with it. To be quite honest, i'm not sure if scissors or knife are reliable backup releases for double layer thick latex. Maybe teeth can open the zipper, or use teeth to slide thin rope to the zipper so it can be pulled better... Main release still being by using fingers. Oh, or pouring water inside to wash away the lubricant.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by MSpike »

Jadit, maybe a small loop of string on the zipper pull, so you could hook it on something.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by Shannon SteelSlave »

I've never been stuck either. Had to break out once with my super strength. I do admit, I haven't quite been brave enough to really try to put my whole brain into locking myself down tight. Also, been avoiding the police cuffs since living alone.
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Re: Ever been stuck?

Post by motero922 »

I had a mistake and a little fail doing self bondage.

1. Thumbcuffs. The first bondage scenario. I put the thumbcuffs on and walk to get the key. once i got the key the keyholes were facing the wrong way. I had to put the key on my mouth and try, try, try and finally open the thumbcuffs.

2. Handcuffs. I put the handcuffs on with the keyholes facing ok, double lock them and wait to the frozen key. I pick the key and the left cuff didnt open (the double lock was blocking). I double lock the handcuffs and try again. It worked.
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