Self bondage in the woods gone wrong.

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Self bondage in the woods gone wrong.

Postby Stretched out » 13 Jan 2021, 11:47

I suspect this wasn't a staged/planned session, as there's a couple of points which probably hurt and could have/may have caused injuries.

I guess the loop collapsed under the tension, leaving her ankle stuck at head height.

First off, solo inverted suspension is rather risky.
If something breaks, so can your neck.
Your screwed if you black out from being upside down.

I'm assuming the loop wasn't meant to tighten, so that probably accounts for the lack of a quick release method or backup.
Even so, thats a stupid error when working with rope, as there's several knots which will capsize or invert when loaded in the wrong direction or tied slightly wrong.

Obviously not safe for work link. ... gone-wrong
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Re: Self bondage in the woods gone wrong.

Postby kinbaku » 13 Jan 2021, 13:34

This was the article from the newspaper: ..A naked woman tied herself to a tree by the foot and then accidentally got stuck. Hilde Krohn Huse was filming herself for an art project in a remote wood near where she lives in Farnham, Surrey, when the knot around her ankle tightened. After dangling upside down for 80 seconds for the shot she needed, she went to release her leg but the noose so tight she was completely stuck. The video, which filmed her struggle for 11 minutes, shows the 26-year-old artist, who is originally from Norway, desperately trying to free herself. First by using her hands to pull the rope open – which completely fails. Then she is seen climbing up onto the branch.She said: ‘When I realised I’d tightened the knot [under my bodyweight] I thought, “Oh my god Hilde, you’ve d one something really stupid. Let’s try to get out of it”. ‘I went practical, saving my breath, trying to calm down. Freaking out would not have helped.’ As she tries to climb back down again she falls, with her foot still firmly stuck in the rope. Eventually she is seen screaming for help – until the camera battery fails and the screen cuts to black.She was stuck for a further 20 minutes. Eventually her friend Ginte, who was staying with her from Norway, heard her cries and came to the rescue, releasing a rather embarrassed Hilde from the tree. She had rope burns around her ankle and a year on from the accident she still has a scar on her leg.

Stretched out, she was "stretched out", :rofl: ... and you are right: irresponsible, but that is what this website serves, among other things, to warn each other where things can go wrong.
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Re: Self bondage in the woods gone wrong.

Postby Stretched out » 13 Jan 2021, 15:33

Thanks Kinbaku.

So it wasn't intended as bondage per se, but quickly became so!
A lucky escape although my suspicion of it causing injury was confirmed, it could have been a lot worse as the two people she was shouting for weren't the person that found her.
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Re: Self bondage in the woods gone wrong.

Postby bound_jenny » 14 Jan 2021, 01:11

We should become consultants for stunts like that. And charge for it.

A lot of people would avoid having scars like this lady's, or even headstones in other cases.

Art... :roll: :facepalm:

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Re: Self bondage in the woods gone wrong.

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 14 Jan 2021, 02:59

I fell 6 inches on my head last time I suspended. And I mean last time. Told people I hurt my neck doing Mission Impossible style crunches. That Thursday evening turned into a 3 day weekend from work, and a 3 week vacation from Martial Arts practice.
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