What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby Rob73 » 29 Jul 2022, 00:40

I used some reusable zip ties that have a little tab to release the "teeth" that allow the zip tie to be removed. However, I was a little excited and didn't have much time, so when I secured my hands together, I laid my wrists on top of the other with my hands pointing in opposite directions. This made it impossible to reach the tab to release them and I struggled to my desk where I found a pocketknife. I tried cutting the zip tie but it was too thick, and I had no leverage. I had some other toys in use that were beginning to get extra uncomfortable, so I wasn't very steady, but I was able to use the blade on the pocketknife to reach the tab and finally open the zip tie.
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Re: What was your (biggest) mistake in self-bondage

Postby tiemeupalso » 22 Sep 2022, 20:18

a standard pencil works on that too.use the eraser tp push the tab
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