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Picture forum

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Picture forum

Postby Marco_Nash » 03 Feb 2015, 23:08


Have you ever thought of setting up a separate forum just for pictures (maybe 2 - one for self-bondage and one for "normal" bondage).

Just a thought!

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Re: Picture forum

Postby lj » 03 Feb 2015, 23:19

It's pretty well coverred already ?
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Re: Picture forum

Postby bound_jenny » 04 Feb 2015, 00:28

I'd say that is indeed covered. We have two subforums (three, if you include the crossdressing forum) where anyone can post pictures anytime. They're just mixed in with the threads that don't contain photos. Maybe that's the issue - not wanting to go through the "trouble" of going through all the threads to find photos.

There are entire websites devoted to photos of bondage and self-bondage (though the former are much more numerous than the latter). Bound Anna is a discussion forum first, where we share ideas and thoughts, and photos or illustrations are just tools to explain what we want to express (not photos just for the sake of photos).

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Re: Picture forum

Postby ponylady » 04 Feb 2015, 02:21

'nuff said, i believe.

and for pix there is allways tumblr.
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