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Re: 8k

Postby bound_jenny » 21 Sep 2014, 23:28

ponylady wrote:sir circumsised

:shock: :shock: :shock:

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Re: 8k

Postby ponylady » 21 Sep 2014, 23:34

bound_jenny wrote:
ponylady wrote:sir circumsised

:shock: :shock: :shock:


anything to drive ratings up.

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Re: 8k

Postby anna » 22 Sep 2014, 22:32

qwerty212 wrote:I remember that Anna wanted to create a paralel website where software builders can upload latest versions of our programs (sorry I don't have the PM with the link).

It was something that LoKiT and I worked on for a while but it never left the alpha stage due to my very limited skills.
qwerty212 wrote:Shame on me that I didn't used it. :whip:

Do not think about it, it was just an early beta project. One of many that I have pulled the plug on. There has been a number of those.
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