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Chaster - New chastity application

Postby AaronFrost » 10 Sep 2020, 21:13


Me and my boyfriend are working on a new chastity application, with the possibility to create time-based locks and manage other people's locks. This application will be available directly online and will be released to the public in October 2020.


I know the different existing sites offering this kind of service, but these applications are either complicated to use or non-functional and not user-friendly. So we had the idea during lockdown to develop a new website, which would include the main features, but with a more user-friendly and simpler interface.
In life I'm a developer, and my boyfriend a designer, so we decided to start developing the application by ourselves.


We took inspiration from existing sites to create new features:

Core features
  • Locks: create and configure custom time-based locks.
  • Keyholders: as a keyholder, create shared locks and share it to others.
  • Picture combination: take a picture of your lockbox combination, we'll reveal it after the time lock ends.

We have developed a system of extensions in order to add more features. These extensions are configurable at the creation of the lock. Some extensions and games have been developed, and new ones are coming every month: Dice Roll, Shared Links, Random Events, Wheel of Fortune, and much more.

Additional features
  • Explore: browse locks created by the community, or use featured locks offered by the team.
  • Events: join daily or weekly events, and lock yourself with others.
  • APIs: connect your locks to your system or any device with the API.


The development of the first version is almost complete, the release of the first closed beta is scheduled for mid-September. However, we need beta testers to deeply test the website before its final release. Please let me know if you are interested in testing the application.


If you want to talk or follow the progress of the project, we've launched a Discord server:
You can also consult the roadmap to see the features:
Finally, if you want to test the application, you can register here:

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Chaster - New chastity application

Postby Born2BeBound » 14 Sep 2020, 06:45

Ooh, I’ll be looking forward to this. I’m always excited for new ways to use PC and/or mobile (preferably mobile in my case, lacking a PC at the moment) devices for chastity and self bondage play. ChastiKey is ok, lots of features added since launch and more updates all the time, but MAN do I wish there was a way to upload pics instead of having to set a given combo. I have a mind for number sequences and even with the screens of numbers after setting the lock, with the intent to make you forget the combo...I have a very hard time doing so.

The other app I use is on Android, called Time Lock for Images. It’s rather basic but works good, with options for random time up to time set, random time tend to long and random time tend to short. Those are my favorite aspects of the app and indeed any locking software/device. I love having a bit of unknown.

The other thing I love is chance, so I really like that you mention Dice Rolls and Wheel of Fortune. I think features like that, that leave your lockup time up to chance (within defined limits) are really exciting and would definitely keep me coming back to use your software/site.

A final thought - Though I would of course use this application for chastity lockups, I’m also hugely interested in self bondage. I’m sure many users feel the same (it is a self bondage forum lol). So with that, it’d be great if the application catered to self bondage use too. I’m mainly thinking of lockup time. I personally prefer to do much shorter sessions generally (10-45 mins), and if say your application only allows for setting your lockup time at 1 hour see what I mean. One app I used a long while ago, DenialTek on Android, only allowed for lockups of a minimum of 1 day, with 1 day intervals if you wanted more. They changed that after a while to be hours.

Ok whew. Meant to simply say I’m looking forward to your app, and ended up with...well, a hell of a lot more than I intended. Happens every damn time too. Well, good luck in your work, and hopefully some bit of my nonsense might have proved useful! :)
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Re: Chaster - New chastity application

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 17 Sep 2020, 16:57

Good to meet you, Born to be Bound. Maybe you could assist on this similar recent thread. viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1305
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