small multiplayer idea4 wins

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small multiplayer idea4 wins

Postby 0Carly0 » 19 Mar 2023, 06:21

hello english is not my mother tongue i hope the google translate makes it understandable

I wonder if one of the resourceful programmers can program a game for 2 players like connect four to play online against others

the game is already online now i got the idea why i am writing this post

several rounds and always the loser of a round gets a penalty

I was thinking of an audio output that is passed on to the corresponding player via an e stim and the penalty increases from round to round if someone manages to get not only 4 but more in a row it would be appropriate to increase the penalty audio :D

another idea would be both are tied up in front of the pc and the winner of x rounds gets to see his camera which enables him to open his dial lock where the torture is now? would say both can use Lovens toys in the end one player controls the other vibrates
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