Pain soft / hard combination

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Pain soft / hard combination

Postby 0Carly0 » 17 Apr 2021, 12:47

Hello everyone

I've been reading for a long time in the forum and have also used a few programs. My problem is that I can only use the audio pain file due to the lack of it. : D

So to my question does anyone know a way to control a power strip via the Pain.exe?

I have found controllable sockets but I don't know how exactly they are controlled and whether they are compatible with the Pain.exe ... B005X4IW3A

Can someone help me or explain another solution?

Sorry for the googel translation: D.
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Re: Pain soft / hard combination

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 18 Apr 2021, 00:17

Welcome to Bound Anna, Carly
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Re: Pain soft / hard combination

Postby kinbaku » 18 Apr 2021, 11:31

Welcome to BoundAnna, 0Carly0. I am sorry that I cannot help you with that. :facepalm:
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Re: Pain soft / hard combination

Postby Riddle » 18 Apr 2021, 12:27

I read about the pain.exe software and determined that you need a Arduino controlled outlet. You would likely have to make your own to use in Germany.

You would also need the exe file to match. Best of luck with your setup.
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Re: Pain soft / hard combination

Postby occorics » 19 Apr 2021, 07:51

Using a LAN or WiFi connected power-strip might be easier.
I have used one from Energenie to control a spankermachine. All it needs is to call an URL to switch one of the sockets.
I'm not a windows user, but I think it should be doable with a .bat script or something.
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Re: Pain soft / hard combination

Postby 0Carly0 » 19 Apr 2021, 14:56

Thanks for the greeting :D

and suggestions
my problem I am neither familiar with Arduino nor with me script

seems like I'll have to teach something :D
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