Best and most comfortable total lockdown hood.

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Best and most comfortable total lockdown hood.

Postby Hooded1 » 05 May 2020, 01:03

I’m looking for advice/experiences with total lockdown sensory deprivation leather hoods.
I brought one years ago and have been locked in it a lot as it’s my wife’s favourite thing to do, I think at the time it only cost $60.
I have been looking recently to maybe upgrade as we look to increase lockdown time, I see they range in price from $60-$450.
They all look the same in the pics.
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Re: Best and most comfortable total lockdown hood.

Postby lj » 06 May 2020, 10:18

Might depend on where you are located - I'm in the UK.

I have a hood made by Leatherotics, not total sensory deprivation, as the hood is simply a soft leather hood, zippied and laced, with a locakble collar and removable mouth cover/gag and blindfold. However, they make much more severe hoods, and mine is excellent quality so I guess these will be similar.

Just checked their site <> and they are having a serious sale (less than half price)
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Re: Best and most comfortable total lockdown hood.

Postby copperfox » 07 May 2020, 01:06

I have a couple leather hoods from Mr. S Leather (based in San Francisco) and they are both excellent quality. The first is the Isolation Hood ( ... added-ears), and with all the padding, it’s extremely comfortable. I bought mine with the zippered back (over the lacing), so the only buckle on it is for the collar. I don’t know if that matters to you or not, but I can’t stand external buckles on hoods...they always seem to find a way to dig in and make the bondage just plain uncomfortable. The other one that I own is the Deluxe Tight Hood ( ... tight-hood). It’s not a sensory deprivation hood, but I ordered this one with an open mouth. Paired with Mr. S’s Front Buckle Gag, it’s a great trip. I don’t have their Puffy Hood, but that’s probably next on my list as well.

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of gear from Mr. S. With hoods ranging from about $200 to $500 US, they’re expensive, but well worth the price. I’ve been ordering from them for years, and they’ve yet to disappoint. They also are able to customize gear to some extent, to include sizing, making for an even better fit and overall experience.
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