Vanilla Wife

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Vanilla Wife

Postby L1ontamer » 31 Dec 2019, 01:49

Has anybody got experience of "turning" a vanilla wife?
Both my wife and I are retired and theoretically we should have plenty of time for each other. I would love to tie her and have her enjoy time bound. However she simply refuses to be bound. Has anybody got some advice or tips as to how I can convert her to binding pleasure?
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Re: Vanilla Wife

Postby JIMDINI » 31 Dec 2019, 07:57

I am sorry but forget about it! If bondage does not 'rock her boat' then any form of coercion is simply bullying.
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Re: Vanilla Wife

Postby bound_jenny » 31 Dec 2019, 08:50

I agree with Jim. If she doesn't want to, you can't make her like it or try it. Leave it alone.

There may be some insurmountable social or faith upbringing, or some bad memories, that could be blocking her. Since you're both retired - and have both had long lives, all this has had time to get ingrained in her persona.

The only other possibility is to let her tie you up (Do let some time go by before asking.). I don't know if being the submissive floats your goat, but it might float hers.

I said might. If she says no to that, I'd shelve your plans permanently. Or until she comes around without prodding on your part. The important thing is to not let her be forced or feel forced to do it. You've both had (obviously) long happy lives together and it would be a crime to ruin that with insistent requests for something she doesn't want. Be the man she married and has always known. Ladies work like that.

I know, because I am one. I don't jump into anything I don't want to do. And if I feel forced, like any cornered kitty, I use my claws to make it known that the answer was and still is no.

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Re: Vanilla Wife

Postby pavtron » 01 Jan 2020, 00:18

Sorry man. You can suggest... but don't push. It doesn't end well.

There is some good info in few of these podcasts. Especially the episode about role play being just that play.

But when it comes to what she likes and doesn't... don't try push her. It won't work or end well. :/
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Re: Vanilla Wife

Postby SMDave » 06 Jan 2020, 18:17

Is there anything that SHE would like that you could do together? You would be much better off adapting to her wishes than vice versa.
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Re: Vanilla Wife

Postby TdAdvtrs » 03 Feb 2020, 15:48

Maybe it just seems super weird to her and asking to tie another person is a lot but asking them to tie you not so much as most people seem to think its a fun activity tying others even if its not a turn on.

Start by having her tie you to normalize the activity and make it fun then maybe you can start taking turns at it.

I always started with asking the girl to tie me cause that was what I was after from the start but it always ended up with us taking turns at being the tied one.
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Re: Vanilla Wife

Postby Giles English » 08 Feb 2020, 10:04

I think it's generally easier to ask somebody to do the tying, and the dominating.
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