Help a girl out!?

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Re: Help a girl out!?

Postby bounddosster » 27 Jul 2023, 07:56

This statement will upset some and some won't understand but I'm so glad England is in general a relatively gun free society.

Tin of worms opened.
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Re: Help a girl out!?

Postby bound_jenny » 27 Jul 2023, 07:59

Shannon SteelSlave wrote:Hate to be an ogre here, but real firearms are for shooting only, and should never be pointed at another person, even if "unloaded".

I wholeheartedly agree. Just remember what happened in the set of the movie "Rust" when Alec Baldwin fatally shot Halyna Hutchins and injured another director when he pointed and discharged what everyone thought was a revolver loaded with blanks. :shock:

Someone screwed the pooch big time with that gun.

Guns can be useful tools, and fun to practice with on the range, but require ultra-super-duper meticulous attention 100% of the time. Not 99.999%. That 0.001% can get someone killed, and someone else sent to jail for an incredibly stupid mistake.

Go to the toy store a buy a plastic six-shooter cap pistol. It'll go bang-bang whenever you want to, and the most harm caused will be someone spilling their coffee when startled by the noise. Way better than a dead body going out the door on the medical examiner's gurney.

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Re: Help a girl out!?

Postby wayne » 30 Jul 2023, 22:07

CowgirlOK21 wrote:Hi! I am wanting to start doing more with my husband. I didn't realize how much I was into to being a dominant person in bed until after we got married. I have my own niche things I like and he is a good sport and usually enlightens me by being totally submissive. I want to start doing this with more to it.... Beyond a gag, blindfolded, and bound wrists/ankles. Any suggestions?

He is about 6 ft and 180 lbs. if that is important lol. We already discussed limits due to his ex being abusive during BDSM sessions. He is fine with the following:

Tape gags/restraints
Cloth gags/restraints
Ball gag
Sleep mask/blindfold/hood
Leg irons

Here's an idea, go to Ebay and do a search for "Lockable dresses". Get the measurements of your husband and select a dress you would like hime to wear. Be sure you get the exact measurements typed in when placing your order. When the dress arrives, have your husband try it on and zip it up in the back. Then hook a small padlock into the eye of the zipper tab and through the metal loops on the collar and click it shut. He would have to wear it all day now that he can't get it off. Now add the handcuffs in front and the leg irons. another idea is you can insert a chain into the waist band of a skirt and have your husband put it on then pull the chain tight and secure it with a padlock. now add the leg irons. I think this is fun I wish someone would do this to me.

He is more into kidnap play. I like doing any role playing.
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Re: Help a girl out!?

Postby restricted » 17 Sep 2023, 13:19

There are a few things that would drive me insane. I'm too much out of shape to be wearing a French maids dress.
So it would be a black satin miniskirt, white frilly panties. black stockings, Gagged of course.

There is a woman I am seeing who has a wicked sense of humour but is very vanilla. I hope one day she might decide to try it out.

Elbows tied to kneecaps, witsts cuffed and short chained to a collar. Feet held apart by a spreder bar. That means my nose would be nearly to the ground, butt in the air. (or just laid face down on the ground) So she could use me as a leg rest or by placing her feet on my butt, as a foot rest. Both she would have to be barefoot. She could tease me when she lifts the skirt with her foot or massage her feet on my butt.

Maybe if I was blindfolded she could tell me her shorts are far too tight. That would drive me insane.

She has a stout chair with arm rests. I'd love to be tied to it in the outfit and have her tease when she lifts the skirt. Maybe in both circumstances I could have a white tutu petticoat. (blindfolded and maybe gagged this time) and after she has finished teasing, tell me she is off to bed leaving me there.

Think about doing this to your partner.
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