Oculus fun

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Oculus fun

Postby sharps45 » 01 Aug 2022, 17:08

My wife and I bought a couple of Oculas systems. We have purchased a work out program called super natural. We have been competing for high score for weeks and I have been winning. My wife decided I need a distraction to give her a chance. So we set up a cool distraction. I must be naked. She puts binder clips on my nipples the clips have string tied to them and she tied the other end to another piece of work out gear. This makes it handy for her and out of my way. Then we start the workout. Since the oculas covers my eyes and the work out has a boundary that I am not supposed to cross she can use the stings to pull on the nipple clamps. She also has a delrain cane set and uses it on my thighs and rear. Not knowing where or when the next tug or swat is coming from make the concentration level for the workout drop. I have been getting better at focusing even with the distraction. So of course things have changed a bit, I am in chastity 24/7 which leave my balls wide open, now I have to keep my leg spread, knees a little bent. This gives her the ability to use the bigger cane to slash at my balls. Between having clamps pulled off and cane welts on my ass and thighs and a bit of ball busting. The bad news… good news… either way she is” beating” me!
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Re: Oculus fun

Postby ponylady » 02 Aug 2022, 05:48

Sounds like fun is had by all.
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