Recommendation for suspension cuffs

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Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby MrOrange » 03 Jun 2021, 21:52

Hi, I'm new here. 52yo male, dom/sub switch. My wife is very vanilla, so we've done very little bondage during our marriage.

Recently, she's developed back pain, and probably needs to see a chiropractor. In the meantime, however, she can get some relief by hanging from a chin-up bar. However, her hands quickly get tired and she needs to let go. I suggested that I could hang her by her wrists using suspension cuffs, and to my surprise she agreed.

Now, of course, I have a problem: What cuffs should I buy? I'm totally unfamiliar with what brands are even out there.

My first priority is comfort: The worst case scenario would be that the cuffs hurt and she never wants to do it again.

Then cost, I suppose. I don't want to go too cheap, but I don't want to spend too much either. (I could hide the cost using some clever accounting but I'd rather not do that.)

And, of course, safety... Wait, safety is third. Hold on...

The first priority is safety: The worst case scenario would be one or both cuffs breaking open and dropping her.

Then comfort and price. Yay, fixed.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you.
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Re: Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 03 Jun 2021, 23:54

Welcome to Bound Anna, Mr. Orange. I am not sure what they are called, but I would be looking for cuffs that go around the wrist, but have a handle that she can hold with her hand.
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Re: Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby Lotharjulz » 04 Jun 2021, 01:37 has since nice suspension cuffs. They pull through the hand and are tapered at the wrist. I've hung for many hours on these and more recently with my scenario involving encasement.
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Re: Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby lj » 04 Jun 2021, 08:36

From personal experience ( :shock: ) suspension cuffs need to be, as suggested by my colleagues, good-quality leather, tapered towards the wrist, a substantial strap around the wrist - these characteristics spread the load, you really don't want a narrow band forcing all the weight onto a small part of the joint. Handles, in the form of a tube about 1" diameter, allow a grip to reinforce the spreading of load.

As these are intended, by the OP at least, to be a non-kink accessory, I would also suggest quick-release/panic- release available from equestrian suppliers - these allow instant release even under considerable tension. There may be ones with the means to connect a cord to the release mechanism, so the OP's wife could release herself by pulling the cord. This would possibly make her feel more comfortable with the idea.

As a kink aside, if you are ever tempted to try suspension bondage, these releases are essential. I know of one death that resulted from a self-suspension that went wrong, simply because the victim didn't have the strength to release the carabiner used as the link between cuffs and suspension point.
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Re: Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby kinbaku » 04 Jun 2021, 13:07

Welcome MrOrange. And always let her do this only under your supervision. This way you can always intervene in time.
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Re: Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby rmcingle » 04 Jun 2021, 15:41

I have tried suspension a few times, generally with poor results

The style that Shannon mentioned are great for situations where the wrists are tied overhead, perhaps with a stretch, but not full suspension.

A style that surprised me at how comfortable they were are like these: ... 3178&frs=1

I can't vouch for those exact ones, but I was suspended with a pair that looked just like those.

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Re: Recommendation for suspension cuffs

Postby MrOrange » 08 Jun 2021, 14:55

Thank you all for making me feel welcome here. Also thank you for the good advice.

Stockroom looks very good. I just checked them out and it looks like they have something that will work for us.
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