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Why chastity

PostPosted: 12 May 2021, 10:52
by Keyless
There is an interesting post on another forum here: ... mone.38934

As I read it, a man in chastity is locked into a little corner of Heaven on Earth. The really good bit is that he is forced by a primeval instinct to try to escape by seeking the favour of his keyholder. Not only that, but seeking the favour of anyone else is doomed to failure and lead to acute embarrassment. A resolute keyholder, who keeps him locked, is good for both.

Sometimes I hear someone say to a man “you've got your brain in your pants”. Well be grateful and make use of it.

I haven’t checked all the facts in the above post because I am locked in a chastity device and compelled to do other things as ordered :whip: :) . I’ve been given a few minutes off to write this.

Any thoughts?

Just a final note. In my experience, chastity devices can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous. Of course, everything must be safe and consensual.

Re: Why chastity

PostPosted: 17 May 2021, 17:04
by Shannon SteelSlave
Chastity to me, breaks down to denial and surrendering control, bondage, in so, many words, bondage.

Re: Why chastity

PostPosted: 17 May 2021, 20:32
by bounddosster
Shannon SteelSlave wrote:Chastity to me, breaks down to denial and surrendering control, bondage, in so, many words, bondage.

My wife goes through stages of wanting to have me wear a lockable cock ring, I say cock ring but really it is a metal chastity cage with the end removed so my cock is unrestricted in achieving an erection. However, because the chastity device is now acting like a cock ring my cock is kept hard for much longer. It is also a little restrictive and so when I'm hard I certainly know about it and having an erection in public has on many occasions made me feel embarrassed. Anyway, the point is it is not really a chastity device as I could still psychical have sexual intercourse and masturbate but it would be painful but it is certainly an item of long-term bondage, it is stainless steel it can be worn for a long time, bathing and cleaning is not a problem and as it is locked and my wife controls the key, I can't remove it, believe me, I've tried. I've managed to avoid having to wear it now for a couple of months but she does keep threatening.