Biometric lock

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Biometric lock

Postby Keyless » 21 Feb 2021, 21:21

I have noticed that there are a number of fingerprint padlocks around these days. A CB key could be placed in a stout keyholder locked with the fingerprint lock. A short length of pipe closed at one end, with holes drilled at right angles to the pipe to take the padlock at the other might do, although more elegant solutions are possible. The Mistress would have the “key” at all times and would only need to touch her finger and thumb together to remind the lockee of his situation, The lockee could be required to carry the key himself, in its holder of course.

That thought lead on to another one. Would it be possible to program a biometric lock to recognise an individual, the lockee, and prevent him opening the lock, but allow anyone else to do so. An eye scanner might be the best option. When code for something like this becomes readily available it might be possible. In an emergency, the lockee could be released but that would require someone else to scan their eye with a device displaying a prominent notice showing what it was for. It could be special device or an app on a smartphone releasing a lock combination. In the latter case it could record the location and time of the release for inspection by the keyholder. If the key were secured in an ankle shackle locked with a combination lock, trying every combination to be released could be made very difficult.

OK, it's a fantasy, but fun to think about.
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Re: Biometric lock

Postby ruru67 » 21 Feb 2021, 22:23

I have one of those locks that only my partner's fingerprints are programmed into, along with a decorative metal jewellery box that any number of keys (or anything small enough to fit) can be put in and padlocked closed. I can either lock up and hand her the key(s) and she can lock it, or lock it myself knowing my escape is at her whim.

The lock:
The box: (the larger of the three, with the built-in padlock hasp.)

I needed to make the padlock hole a little bigger to accommodate the 4mm shackle of the padlock.

There are chastity key tubes around too, e.g. ... but they're very easy to make from a piece of metal pipe; I've made a couple of those too. Again, you may need to make the holes a little bigger. The Ali tubes are fairly specific to the keys for the locking insert that comes with most Chinese devices.
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