a perfect Christmas gift

Chastity is perhaps the ultimate in long term selfbondage.

a perfect Christmas gift

Postby JulieAnn99 » 15 Dec 2020, 19:34

What do you get for a slave / fiance? Right now, he is wearing a plastic chastity trainer. I have bought him a steel chastity tube, with a slightly smaller hinged ring. But here's the added attraction - - when I was unpcking holiday things, I came across some 3/4 inch jingle bells. Would they fit on the chstity? I slid one on the lock's shackle, then put the lock thru the chastity, and then ran it thru the other jingle bell before locking it. Perfect! When it moves, the bells jingle. Now I will know where he is when he is visiting me. (And they look like an extra pair of testicles.)
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Re: a perfect Christmas gift

Postby kinbaku » 15 Dec 2020, 22:31

And he can learn to jump up to the notes of "Jingle Bells". :rofl:
Or to the rhythm of the snare drums of Ravel's Bolero: repeated 169 times. :mrgreen:
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Re: a perfect Christmas gift

Postby Arthur » 19 Dec 2020, 13:53

He'd be the star of a volleyball game in a nudist colony.
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