Need help sleeping, so horny it's wonderfull.

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Need help sleeping, so horny it's wonderfull.

Postby o0_Squirrel_0o » 16 Sep 2020, 14:29

As the title says I am horny out of my mind. Currently pushing my limits and loving it. Haven't slept well all week. I am physically comfortable while sleeping with the device on but the pressure of it is a turn on. Some times I edge untill I can't which buys me a few hours. Sometimes I tie myself up. Not sure what I can do to help this. I thought about teasing myself earlier in the eve before bed, but at a loss of what to do.

Does the ability to ignore the sex drive and sleep ever present itself?

Thank you from the horny pervert.
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Re: Need help sleeping, so horny it's wonderfull.

Postby bound_jenny » 16 Sep 2020, 23:44

In my early days of corset training, I wore it only during waking hours because for sleeping, it was too much of a distraction and a turn-on for me to be able to get a restful night's sleep.

After a while, I wore it for longer periods, and gradually got used to it, to the point where I fell asleep watching TV in the evening, in my favorite armchair, and woke up a three hours or so later! That's when I took it off and went to bed. That was after a few weeks of waist training.

It took me another few weeks to get to the point where I could sleep in my corset the whole night. I started my attempts mostly on weekends - no worry about being rested for work the next day. Just to get more used to it.

Now I feel wrong without the corset.

So it's practice, discipline, and persistence.

If you go slow, building up your "resistance" to the distraction, you can eventually sleep normally.

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Re: Need help sleeping, so horny it's wonderfull.

Postby o0_Squirrel_0o » 17 Sep 2020, 01:42

Thank you, Jenny. I think you have a point. I am trying to do allot at once. While it is fun, I probably need to slow things down.
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Re: Need help sleeping, so horny it's wonderfull.

Postby Shannon SteelSlave » 17 Sep 2020, 17:02

I have the same sleeping problem. That's why I may allow for extra points for sleeping in bondage. I may only use it if I am behind and fear punishment.
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Re: Need help sleeping, so horny it's wonderfull.

Postby cdinbonds » 17 Sep 2020, 19:46

If you wear it constantly, you have to train yourself to ignore those horny feelings. During the day tell yourself that you cannot orgasm, there is no point trying. Don't touch yourself (or the device), and find some distraction to keep you busy and not thinking about your situation. Sleeping can be another problem, but if you are tired and relaxed when you go to bed you should be able to drift off before your mind wanders to sex. Nightly erections can cause a problem, but can be fought back down. Eventually they will not be a problem as your body will adjust to the idea that you can't get hard without pain. Until you get used to it, adding other turn-ons like bondage will make it hard to adjust.

I spent 92 days locked up, in a CB3000, with "points of intrigue", at Mistress's orders. I did not want to disobey, so I forced myself to cope. It only took a few days before sleeping through the night was not an issue, and any daytime stirrings were easily dealt with. The more you wear it the more normal it becomes and it stops being an unwanted turn-on. It can still be a turn-on if you want it to be by letting your mind run rampant, but then it is easier to return to the normal feeling again. I actually liked the feeling of it, and not being able to really touch anything. When it finally came off, I felt strange for a couple days, missing the weight, and then having clothing touching the skin again. That led to some stimulation when I least expected it! When it did come off, I was given permission to orgasm, but it was actually a couple days before I felt ready.
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